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A Day In "The Life Of Riley" is truly inspired by the things I love most: pop culture and possibilities. This site is designed to give an up close and personal view of my life. In addition to being an independent TV producer, personality, and writer, I often spend time surveying what it takes to have desired results show up in life. There are so many possibilities that show up in life and in what often imitates it - pop culture, I want this site to show you how both things serve as my muse. And hopefully, you will find an identification with the content that applies to your own life. So, look through and enjoy "The Life Of Riley"!




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Well as 2006 has now closed, I can look back and say that it was a very good year!  I have made some significant strides in my life's journey and discovered strength in areas on known weakness. 

With that being said, there's more to do and be. We use the term growth and its meaning so casually, but it is indeed a required act in order for us to elevate to the next level of life.  Being able to let live and let go is not always an easy act to follow.

I embrace the challenges and continue to make headway in this journey called life.  May you all be abundantly blessed now and in the days to come!       BARACKPATRICK.jpg