PATRICKRILEYHEADSHOT2.JPGWELCOME to "The Life of Riley" which will include periodic chronicles of pop culture and possibilities that flow out of Patrick L. Riley's day. That's me!!! Through blogging (and soon some other technological features on which I'll keep you posted as they launch), I will pull experiences from my busy life to entertain and inspire all of you. Through this site, I will share my observations and insights. 

Some features to look forward to:

1.) "PATRICK'S POP UP(DATES)" will feature stories from pop culture, music, theater, fashion, and the entertainment industry at large. 

2.) "The Life of Riley" will also introduce a "take-a-look-at-your-life" section (READ: sort of an advice column), where I will help readers come up with their own questions and answers around what "ways of being" are working (or not working) to have them acheive their respective goals and live their best lives. This section is called "WHO YOU BE?".

3.) Additonally, there will be a free-flowing, organic section called "TESTIFY" from which I will pull from my own life's journey to share and hopefully inspire. Some of the fare may be new musings and experiences. Other times, I may pull from my journals and past sharings to shed light on some uncomfortable truths that I've experienced and that may perhaps play a role in healing someone else's wounds as the real-life experience did for me. From my experience of covering 9/11 as a freelance journalist to courageously coming out (as gay) to my family, "TESTIFY" promises to move those who choose to read it.

4.) And a section titled "PR" (like my initials, but also like "public relations") will include press clips from any coverage I get. 

5.) And anytime pictures or video can support an entry (in the blog, and perhaps in the subsequent podcasts, my space, and website), those visuals will keep things aesthetically enrolling. That section will be called "MY TUBE".
Patrick L. Riley


Episode 2 of The Happy Hour and a Facebook Watch Party

Hi folks!



We will delve deeper into Kendrell's and my debate on apologizing again after you've apologized...and MORE: BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!  You can ALL join @jaybeauchamps @davsmiles @misterdavidhand @iamkendrell @patrick.riley --- and @sirmarcsinger --- at 7P TONIGHT for a LIVE FACEBOOK WATCH PARTY! FOLLOW and SHARE us across platforms including also: Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and FOR SURE, you can kick off your CINCO DE MAYO with us to put a SHOT in your CONVERSATIONS! As always, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, FEEDBACK, and LOVE! CHEERS...and please feel free to jump into our chat! WE LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU ALL!


Thanks to our SUPPORTERS for SHOWING UP AND OUT on Episode ONE:
Hang out with #TheHappyHourGuys and #DBriggsMedia's #DonnaBriggs at our EPISODE 1 PREMIERE PARTY:

A Happy Easter and Happy Hour Tease in the Life of Riley

Hi folks! 
New VIDEOS for YOU - in the Life of Riley: 
Here is Episode 2's SNEAK PEAK of @thehappyhourtalkshow - Whose Side Are You On? Patrick or Kendrell? (Full Episode on MAY 2nd)!
Thanks to our SUPPORTERS for SHOWING UP AND OUT on Episode ONE:
SHOUT OUT to DONNA BRIGGS for putting her D. BRIGGS MEDIA treatment on#TheHappyHourTalkShow PREMIERE PARTY. Watch #TheHappyHourTalkShow with#TheHappyHourGuys and our guests + more fun footage here:
And though you can hear it LIVE on this EASTER DAY - on WOWO News or - at 12:30pm EST, you can tune into my talk with Alena Chapman on her podcast 30 MINUTE MOMENTS by clicking here:
Best and LOVE!

  1.  Alena will be in town April 29th at 7pm NYC: "How to Stay Balanced in a Busy World" + JOIN HER FOR A VIP post-event coffee:  To learn more about ALENA, please
  2. Spring/Summer 2019 promotion of my book "Thats What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" - available to pick up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or where all books are sold.
  3. Just back from Richmond, VA for a symposium and book event at Virginia Union University/BND Institute.
  4. LOOKING AHEAD TO SATURDAY, MAY 4TH in DALLAS! Hope you'll grab a copy and come and let me sign at: TBAAL's Roundtable Writer's Breakfast at 10:00 AM. Tbaal Room T 314 1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX. I'll have copies on site as well - while supplies last. WILL SIGN ALL:
  5. Host Committee, Live Out Loud's 18th Anniversary Gala on Tuesday, May 7th at The Lighthouse: 
  6. I'm hosting the 6th Annual Gala for Three and a Half Acres Yoga on Tuesday, May 7th from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Red Rooster Harlem Ginny's Supper Club:
  7. Join me in Cancun Memorial Day Weekend May 24-28 For more info www.LGBTMUSICFEST.COM  


the happy hour talk show episode one 040819

It's HAPPY HOUR TIME! Y'all seen episode one of @thehappyhourtalkshow yet? 

1. on You Tube:

2. on Facebook

3. Also AVAILABLE to view on VIMEO

4. FOLLOW US on IG as well: @thehappyhourtalkshow

MUCH LOVE TO ALL! MEANWHILE: Spring 2019 book tour for "Thats What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" is in motion:

a. Richmond, VA was on FIRE! Love Virginia Union University and BND Institute! Great symposium! Sold out book-signing!

b. Next up, Dallas, TX - Sat, May 4th. TO MY DALLAS PEEPS: Please feel free to order your copy from Amazon, B&N, or where all books are sold... and come let me sign at TBAAL's RoundtableWriter's Breakfast at 10:00 AM. Tbaal Room T 314 1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX. I'llsell on site while supplies last...and WILL SIGN ALL!

c. Join us Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-28th in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Only 8 remaining all inclusive music festival packages before we are sold out. The ultimate LGBT Family Reunion Celebration. www.LGBTMUSICFEST.COM

As always, THANKS for your support! AND PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! Patrick #LifeofRiley 

Happy Hour and More

Looking ahead to BLACK HISTORY MONTH (February) and WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH (March)... and excited to announce that my book is NOW available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.

Please SHARE and consider BUYING & GIFTING --- and LEAVING REVIEWS:


Barnes & Noble:

1. ANY FUTURE HOSTS can consider securing their books; booking me; and selling on-site to those in attendance at proposed talk/signing - keeping the revenue for the cause!

2. More press and appearances to come - including a Harlem-based Women's Empowerment event in March; Richmond's BND Institute in April; ATL in April; Dallas in May; Cancun, Mexico Memorial Day wknd; Dartmouth University - TBD; etc.

3. We're taking meetings regarding TV/film options.

4. Look forward to sharing more of myself later this year in #THEHAPPYHOUR as one of five of @TheHappyHourGuys co-hosts on digital talk show #TheHappyHour on FACEBOOK WATCH and YOUTUBE. Stay tuned!

#DorpieBooks #LifeofRiley #PatrickRileyBook


The Happy Hour is a new talk show featuring a panel of 5 Gay Men and a Special Guest at The Bar on Each Show. Think the TV Show The View meets Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. The gentlemen will have a weekly intense conversation around politics, relationships, theater, fashion and pop culture. The Happy Hour begins shooting in February in New York City. The show location will be held weekly at The World Famous Melba’s in Harlem. Just like the cast of the HBO Show Sex & The City, the ladies had the CoffeeShop to meet up, the men now have Melba’s! Executive Producer: AnthonyKen LLC ( Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman)  & Ulyssa Salett (POSE,The Sinner,Sweet Bitter). 
Make Sure to Follow The Guys on Social Media!
Instagram: TheHappyHourGuys

p.p.s. Hey #thehappyhourguys and all of my NYC and#LifeofRiley PEEPS! If you are around Fri 2/1/19, please join me at Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium for a special HAPPY HOUR performance from my friend - and client of my @akhenation - singer/songwriter NATE PALMER! Here's a sneak-peek at NaPalm HE'S GREAT!

Doors open at 4pm!
Happy Hour
o Appetizer Specials
o Drink Specials
o $3 Domestic Beers
o $4 Import Beer
o $4 Wines
o $5 Cocktails (single liquor/mixer) !

And we'll toast our NEW Happy Hour Talk Show - @thehappyhourguys



Shows You Should See For October 2018 on Daily Blast LIve


Hi folks,
Having wrapped Summer 2018 book tour in promotion of "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" (Dorpie Books), please continue to STAY TUNED for:
* when you can get the book where all books are sold
* some Fall 2018 announcements for spot book stops/events - including Atlanta; Dartmouth; and more.
* announcements on other WOMEN WHO INSPIRED ME synergies.
* more press impressions - like my most recent interview on @RadioAndySXM with @BevySmith on her show #Bevelations - on #RadioAndy #Channel102 on #SiriusXM. Check it out on demand.
* My book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" - still available to order via Dorpie Books: (OR CLICK LINK IN BIO ABOVE!☝️). 

MEANWHILE, I'm also back to plugging into my freelance producing/talent grid - attracting the good-fit fare that I can juggle alongside my book promo and Brand Ambassador clients Miss Jessie's and D. Briggs Media:
* was booked to conduct a series of inspirational interviews for new, recurring client CHUBB
* I filed my debut TV critic segment for Daily Blast Live's franchise SHOWS WE SHOULD SEE - first of what they say will be many spot, pop-culture-analyst contributions:
As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! And please continue to FOLLOW ME via social media:
IG: @patrick.riley
TWITTER: @patarack
FB: @patrick.l.riley



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