PATRICKRILEYHEADSHOT2.JPGWELCOME to "The Life of Riley" which will include periodic chronicles of pop culture and possibilities that flow out of Patrick L. Riley's day. That's me!!! Through blogging (and soon some other technological features on which I'll keep you posted as they launch), I will pull experiences from my busy life to entertain and inspire all of you. Through this site, I will share my observations and insights. 

Some features to look forward to:

1.) "PATRICK'S POP UP(DATES)" will feature stories from pop culture, music, theater, fashion, and the entertainment industry at large. 

2.) "The Life of Riley" will also introduce a "take-a-look-at-your-life" section (READ: sort of an advice column), where I will help readers come up with their own questions and answers around what "ways of being" are working (or not working) to have them acheive their respective goals and live their best lives. This section is called "WHO YOU BE?".

3.) Additonally, there will be a free-flowing, organic section called "TESTIFY" from which I will pull from my own life's journey to share and hopefully inspire. Some of the fare may be new musings and experiences. Other times, I may pull from my journals and past sharings to shed light on some uncomfortable truths that I've experienced and that may perhaps play a role in healing someone else's wounds as the real-life experience did for me. From my experience of covering 9/11 as a freelance journalist to courageously coming out (as gay) to my family, "TESTIFY" promises to move those who choose to read it.

4.) And a section titled "PR" (like my initials, but also like "public relations") will include press clips from any coverage I get. 

5.) And anytime pictures or video can support an entry (in the blog, and perhaps in the subsequent podcasts, my space, and website), those visuals will keep things aesthetically enrolling. That section will be called "MY TUBE".
Patrick L. Riley


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countdown to book launch

Hi folks,

 Author Patrick L. Riley here - on the countdown to the release of my debut book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" which Dorpie Books is publishing. 

  • Our pre-order campaign funded our efforts to complete production on the book. 
  • See attached. We are outlining press and book events --- so those pre-order buyers can come out and get their book signed - including Mon 5/7: Harlem pre-book event (Melba from 6p - 9p);  Sun 6/3: Drums Along The Hudson (hosting/book signing);  Wed 6/13 Harlem book event (Cove Lounge from 7p - 9p); and planned Charlotte, DC, Atlanta, Savannah stops + Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for Memorial Day Weekend.  
  • After pre-orders ship, the book will be available via traditional channels. Stay tuned for advisement on that info.  
  • Meanwhile, for those who may want to host an intimate book set for me or gift to a larger group, there's a BULK BUY discount option (from which you can sell the books back at their market price: $35. Easy fundraiser and way to support our bottom line:  For 25+ (10% Discount) Enter code: 25FRIENDS                                                                                                                For 50+ (20% Discount) Enter code: 50FRIENDS                                                                                                                For 100+ (30% Discount) Enter code: 100FRIENDS
  • Just underscoring this option for your consideration. You can pre-order here (bulk or to grab your copy or few):


Best and LOVE,

a. SUPERMODEL Veronica Webb is Editor of The Root's The Glow Up wrote a wonderful piece on my project:  

b. Mark & Denise in the Mornings out of Philadelphia on WWDB 860 Am PHILLY (8:30 am) - Oscar/Book Talk (12/24) & Black Panther/Book Talk (2/14): / (90 minutes into each TWO HOUR podcast on each of those respective dates).

c. Love the Way You Live with Charlie Lewis:  

d. The Philadelphia Sunday SUN feature on Black Panther includes my pop culture analysis: 

e. LA WAVE BOOK CORNER spotlight feature:

Tues Dec 5th Please BUY Patrick L Riley Book

Hi folks!


Dorpie Books launched its website - announcing my book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" as its first title:

 1. Here's the website:

2.  Here's the book trailer:

3. Here's my sizzle for speaker consideration:

4. PLEASE pre-order starting: Tuesday, Dec 5th


5. Period to PRE-ORDER BOOK for MARCH 2018 release: Tuesday, Dec 5th --- Friday, Dec 22ND.


6. For more information – including BULK BUY DISCOUNT INFO, please call

7. As always, THANK YOU folks for your support! And SPREAD THE WORD on DORPIE BOOKS which seeks to disrupt publishing's lack of black authors.


8. As I shape up my 2018 around promotion of this passion project, I extend my gratitude to each of you who will support this high-stakes effort in any way you can.


9. You can follow @DorpieBooks on Twitter and Facebook. Retweet and post with #PatrickRileyFriends hashtag and link to:


10. FYI: My birthday is Sunday, November 19th (would appreciate late birthday gift between Tues, Dec 5 – Fri, Dec 22).




Patrick L. Riley

Author, “That’s What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me” (Dorpie)




jody hangover and one night only all star karaoke

Jody Watley EXPLODED

Miss Jody Watley invited Anthony Harper and me out on a Saturday date night TO JODY WATLEY - SHALAMAR RELOADED at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill #TimeSquare!! Jody Watley, Nate, Rosero, and the whole Shalamar Reloaded crew SERVED and DELIVERED! New music and TWO rare gems for me: her "Makeover" Ross cover LOVE HANGOVER: a 72nd birthday homage to THE SUPREME DIANA! Also, she did my EVERYTHING which I asked that she do the next time she was in town! JODY is a WOMAN of her WORD! And a GORGEOUS ONE, might I add! SHE'S FOREVER YOUNG & FOREVER FABULOUS!Along with all the great hits and one upcoming SMASH they performed for the first time, ORIGINAL - an ode to the social media trolls, cyber bullies, and flat-out haters out there, JODY WATLEY commanded the room LEGENDARILY SO - with LOVE and FLAIR:! And SHALAMAR RELOADED took us "back" to the "future" to know pointedly that this LEGACY of MUSIC, DANCE, and STYLE is FOREVER! And never before has it been more relevant than RIGHT NOW! BRAVO, MISS JODY! LOVE YOU SO! #JodyWatley #ShalamarReloaded#nightlife #saturdaynightexperience #itsinthemusic#concerts 

#music #dance #style #MusicMonday#Entertainment #Easterweekend #MissRoss#DianaRoss 

#LoveHangover #TheMakeover



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANA ROSS! MARIAH CAREY! CHAKA KHAN! ARETHA FRANKLIN! ALL THE ARIES DIVAS! WE/I sing them at Billie’s Black presents All Star Karaoke with Patrick L. Riley whenever I can! SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, April 14th... and LOOK OUT FOR OUR PROMO TOP OF NEXT WEEK: Billie's Black Gourmet Soul is going under renovation from mid-April for a couple of months. So, SEASON 5 of Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley will be back in the FALL 2016! BUT on THURSDAY, APRIL 14TH from 7p-11p, we will do a ONE NIGHT ONLY All Star Karaoke followed by an 11p-3am AFTER SET that we'll call BILLIE'S BLACKOUT!

Event Time: ALL STAR KARAOKE: 7pm - 11pm Full menu
Billie's Blackout after set: 11pm - 3am Appetizers will be served 
Drink Specials: $5 Well Drinks/ $3 Shots RESERVATIONS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for seating and dining during ALL STAR KARAOKE: 212.280.2248.‪#‎billiesblack‬#allstarkaraoke#billiesblackout 

P.S. When we're back up, come and DANCE & SING with us: 



P.P.S. GIVEAWAYS will include:
A. MISS JESSIE'S giveaways

B. BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine with MISS JESSIE'S Co-Founder & CEO Miko Branch on the cover

C. BILLIE'S BLACK ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE - presented by ALL STAR KARAOKE (December 2015 - extended through February 2016): Contemporary Artist Shenna Vaughn will have SMALL ITEMS available for sell (SHENNA: "I Create Soulful Funk On Canvas to Create A Mind Blowing Experience").

D. ANOTHER featured sponsor that we introduced during SEASON 4 of ALL STAR KARAOKE: SHOO NAIL POLISH - via its Founder and CEO Shawanda Vickers - is donating 20 gift bags. 

E. TICKET GIVEAWAYS for BROADWAY/OFF-BROADWAY SHOWS – from Walk Tall Girl Productions and Walker International Communications Group, Inc  (limited supply for ALL STAR KARAOKE participants)



#BlackEnterprise #ShennaVaughn #ShooNailPolish #WalkTallGirlProductions #WICG #ShawandaVickers #SevenBrown #HarlemSkinCare #HarlemSkinAndLasesrCare





SHOUT OUT TO ARIES DIVO Quentin Tarantino! His The Hateful Eight's DVD street date is March 29th. Can't wait Tagan Lee and Anna Fuson#THEHATEFUL8


doctor sister

Doctor Sister

MISS ROSS' sister Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee is SUPREME in the World of Medicine...and you are ALL INVITED TO  join me Tuesday, December 1st for a FREE PUBLIC TALK AND BOOK SIGNING with Author Crystal Emery whose crafted an initiative for us ALL to CELEBRATE and PROMOTE: It is a groundbreaking multimedia documentary project and educational initiative that celebrates the history, status and future of women of color in medicine. It designed to inspire young African American and Latino students across America to set their sights on careers in medicine and allied health fields in spite of stereotypes and obstacles. Changing the Face of Medicine follows the journey of Black women doctors from inequality to excellence. In telling the story of over 100 accomplished African American women in medicine who have achieved top positions and high honors in their fields, this initiative proves that anything is possible and shows youth a path of success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. COME ONE COME ALL...and bring your FUTURE DOCTORS with you! IT WILL BE INSPIRING AND FUN! And I will make an appearance before I head up to Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley! WILL BE A FUN NIGHT! #missjesies #changingthefaceofmedicine #allstakaraoke #billisblack

Shenna Vaughn

ONE MORE MONTH OF TUESDAYS in DECEMBER before our SEASON 4 of BILLIE'S BLACK PRESENTS ALL STAR KARAOKE WITH PATRICK L. RILEY wraps! NEXT WEEK, we celebrate the DECEMBER residency of contemporary artist Shenna Vaughn who I recently commissioned to do a wedding vow gift for my dearest friends, GMA Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo and her husband Tommie Porter! PLEASE coome out and support Shenna, and get in on the FUN! Reservations are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 212.280.2248.

New York Association of Black Journalists

Last week’s All Star Karaoke had our weekly sponsor MISS JESSIE's providing an array of special MISS JESSIE'S product and T-shirts for our SPECIAL TUESDAY NIGHT GUESTS: Members of the New York Association of Black Journalists - led by my brother friend President Mike Feeney, an awesome feature writer all around New York City! IT WAS QUITE A FAMILY NIGHT: INDUSTRY FAMILY of course! Mike brought his mom REBA! Our ALL STAR KARAOKE DIVA, celebrity hairstylist Carla Bone brought her buddies AND her mom Barbara and sister Cheryl Gentry of Glow Event Planning! Was quite the PACKED HOUSE - perfect for ushering in THANKSGIVING! We also got a surprise, smart phone call from ALL STAR KARAOKE ALUM, my friend Tichina Arnold, who attended when we were at Native Restaurant. She sent co-producers Dawn M. Haynes and Musa Jackson Productions to promote her performances in Harlem during Thanksgiving weekend. ONE MORE giveaway/raffle allows ALL STAR KARAOKE sound-design diva LAURIANNE LUMBSBY to get to see "Invisible Thread", an amazing musical running in pre-views now at Second Stage Theatre (on 43rd and 8th).

Sweetie Pie

THE OTHER WEEK, WELCOME TO SWEETIE PIE’s stars Robbie Montgomery and Tim Norman stopped by – to catch us up on the cookbook! Also, their new season of their OWNTV show: So many came out - including my friend Candi Carter, Executive Producer at "The View"! #getready #billiesblack #motownmay #allstarkaraoke#thebosschoir #GRATITUDE #steps #shaquilleoneal#stepsthemovie #billiesblack


I’ll never forget BIRTHDAY 45 because I saw my FILM DEBUT for the first time! Ant, my nephew Herman L Riley III, friends Rachelle and Verizon-fios TV reporter Lyndsey Christian, and a robust crowd gathered with the cast of #STEPSTHEMOVIE by Eddie Harris to see our labor of love as it is being pitched to which platform on which the world will be able to see the wonderful film. We gathered in Jersey City (Journal Square) to screen. Afterwards, we all gathered at Porto to celebrate. They even had a cake for “Rudy” (that’s my character…and since it was my birthday and all). And the karaoke set-up at the after-spot would inspire a request for Mr. All Star Karaoke – yours truly – to sing. I did Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” and Miss Ross’ “The Boss”. I’d mentioned before AMERICAN IDOL FINALIST QAASIM MIDDLETON is in it too along with his brother KHALIL MIDDLETON. AND THEY ARE WONDERFUL! And BIGGEST of THANKS to EDDIE HARRIS and PENWAH for casting me in this amazing project – Co-Executive Produced by Shaquille O' Neal! Great BIRTHDAY GIFT - TO ME! For more info, go to Shout out to#MISSJESSIES for its donation for the screening – also allocated to benefit several homeless shelters in the area. THANKS EVERYBODY for your well wishes and for supporting LIFE OF RILEY! #GRATITUDE #steps #shaquilleoneal #stepsthemovie #billiesblack#allstarkaraoke #MISS_JESSIES #MISSJESSIESBOOK #TITIGIFT #MIKOBRANCH


I am just overflowing with #gratitude for those who came out to celebrate my 45th birthday at MIST HARLEM:! We had a BLAST! The pictures show all the love and joy that was in the room --- oozing out of my favorite people in the world – including my Ant (who – with the team at MIST – showed up and showed out for my special day); childhood BFF Ernest Maynor; GMA Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo and hubby Tommie Porter; #bevelations own hostess with the most Bevy Smith; NAACP Image Award winning producer Sidra Smith; celebrity hairstylist Carla Bone; #STEPSthemovie writer and Executive Producer Eddie Harris and fellow producer Michele Baldwin; Drums Along the Hudson producer Carl Nelson; Apprentice alum Stacey J; and a host of other dear friends and a mix of my New York City industry family – all who got in on the #allstarkaraoke and the delectable cuisine that was so lovingly prepared by Celebrity Chef Carlos Brown whose “famous shrimp and grits” were THE BEST! Shout out to #MISSJESSIES for its donation to the festivities.


I get to work freelance with the team at recurring client ‘Wendy’ this season on the MetroPCS Street Talk segment. Our THANKSGIVING edition airs today on ‘Wendy’:


You know I’m obsessed with ALL THINGS THE WIZ – including TODAY’S NEWS:  ALSO STAY TUNED: I recently got to interview Shanice Williams for recurring client NBCBLK! That interview will post soon! LOVE when NBCBLK calls! We hope the cast will come and sing with us at Billie's Black PRESENTS ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley! We’re always singing songs from THE WIZ:




FOR THANKSGIVING 2015, New York City fam Brian Henderson and his wife Nikita Stewart Henderson (New York Times) hosted a well-appointed feast – including Brian’s childhood friend Dionne Figgins – performer/choreographer supreme and Motown the Musical’s own (Dionne is one of four sisters – all of whom are professional dancers and performers). Dionne’s current beau is Tony-nominated actor Brandon Victor Dixon who made for THANKSGIVING 2015’s star sighting! Always a pleasure to see him!


Tichina Arnold. Gin Fizz. 11/28/15. Harlem.

THANKS Musa Jackson for the GREAT NIGHT with Tichina Arnold...and your words here: "It was an epic night! My sister from another mister producer Dawn To Dusk Haynes along with host, promoter Musa Jackson debuted the amazing multi talented actress and singer Tichina Arnold new stage show at Gin Fizz in Harlem that brought the packed SOLD OUT audience to their feet! This Queens born native graced the stage and slayed it with an effortless combination of powerful vocals, stage mastery, comedic raw wit, a tight band featuring Romell her killer guitarist. She sang through a barrel full of iconic hits that off times rivaled the originals. Entertainment Industry insiders Ty Hunter, James Germany, R& B group Allure, Mira Gandy, Tammy Ford, Patrick Riley and Anthony Harper were amongst the crowd that cheered her on an hour pass her set. Harlem born r&b legend Freddie Jackson looking fabulous was unexpectedly called onstage, getting huge applause for his mega classic You Are My Lady. But this Harlem night clearly belonged to Tichina. She announced she will be touring big cities with new show. My suggestion get your tickets early, advanced word of mouth could easily have this show sold out on arrival. ‪#‎DawnTichinaMusa ‪#‎epic ‪#‎legendary ‪#‎night ‪#‎MyUptownWorld ‪#‎UptownHarlemAmbassador"


Share your memories of  ‪#‎TitiBranch with #MikoBranch #MissJessies on Dec 4th… and stay tuned for a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to #TitiBranch from Billie’s Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley. ‪#‎life and ‪#‎legacy #youaremyfriend #miss_jessies #missjessiesbook #titibranch #titigift

everybody look around

Hi folks!


Well, LIFE OF RILEY will be bringing you a few more videos to off-set when I’m not booked on one of my clients’ airwaves… and I have something exciting to share – like the official key art for THE WIZ LIVE: just had to get it OUT to YOU! LOL!  

NBC’s THE WIZ LIVE is premiering December 3!

And it goes without saying for what my MISS ROSS jones is that we will be EASING ON DOWN THE ROAD during SEASON 4 of BILLIE’S BLACK PRESENTS ALL STAR KARAOKE WITH PATRICK L. RILEY!

We kick off Tuesday, October 27th at 7p! We’ll be up 10 TUESDAYS until the end of the year!

And we really do LOVE “THE WIZ” at #ALLSTARKARAOKE:

I did BRAND NEW DAY one time:;

we have had Tony-award-winning choreographer for “The Wiz” on Broadway, George Faison, in the house to promote Faison Firehouse’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’” which we shouted out that night:  

And I shouted out in my theater segment on ARISE ENTERTAINMENT 360: .

FRENCHIE DAVIS sang ‘HOME’ (and joined us with the cast of “Invisible Life” on #THEBOSS -

Reservations are highly recommended: 212 280 2248:

Miss Jessie's is back among our sponsors! And as ‪#‎missjessies CEO and CO-FOUNDER MIKO BRANCH did last season in promotion of her book Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from... (Amistad; Hardcover; $24.99):, we hope you will come SING your FAVORITES with us, ENJOY cocktail specials and tasty soul food, and NETWORK with a ROOM FULL of FABULOUS FOLKS! Miko and I LOVE #THEBOSS -

SEASON 4 is - in part - POWERED by ALL STAR KARAOKE PLATINUM PATRON Mr. Reginald Van Lee. WE THANK HIM and all of you who continue to be such a support! And Riley/Land Gourmet Pantry via Joseph Riley Land is back IN THE HOUSE - literally as the critically-acclaimed pantry has taken up semi-permanent space in the back of Billie’s Black. Gift certificates to purchase ‪#‎rileyland products will be raffled. Plus, look for Riley/Land inside our ALL STAR KARAOKE signature cocktails (Riley/Land-curated mixers that will also be in stock for sale. Stay tuned!). Would LOVE TO SEE YOU some Tuesday - really soon! Let us know if you want to use ALL STAR KARAOKE as a back-drop to promote or present any of your projects inside an intimate but power-filled room of taste-makers and top talent! PLEASE TELL YOUR PEEPS...and SHARE! ‪#‎BILLIESBLACK‪#‎ALLSTARKARAOKE#MOTOWNMAY ‪#‎StockYourPantry

#‎HarlemEats ‪#‎missjessiesbook#iammissjessies‪#‎Legacy of ‪#‎TitiBranch

Money Minute

I’ve always wanted to be a television presenter – as my British friends and colleagues sometimes say. Excited to be hosting a second season of Wells Fargo presents The Money Minute on Check them out here: Episodes 3 and 4 are out:




I got news of her passing after midnight…and couldn’t lift myself from my fetal position to post anything nor could I lift myself out of bed to turn the computer on to email something. I just laid there until the pain subsided and I fell asleep to dreams of a time when SIDMEL took a chance on ME!!! AND THE MANY REFLECTIONS CAME FLOODING THROUGH! Well, I'm up now... and the news is still true.... and I did get out of bed - knowing there would be a sea of condolences and memories in social media…and RIGHTLY SO! Sidmel Estes Sumpter was not only the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT of our beloved National Association of Black Journalists, she paved the way so that ALL WOMEN MANAGERS – and ALL BLACK JOURNALISTS and JOURNALISTS OF COLOR who want the opportunity to work – can stand firm in their calling and WORK! And as one of her first two producers she hired for the now-iconic GOOD DAY ATLANTA which she Executive Produced, she showed of what she was made – hiring this reporter trainee from WSB-TV who was interested in the entertainment/news mix of morning TV to learn not only how to build a morning news show…but she gave me my FIRST opportunities to grow my gift for conducting the interview and to build my “pop culture expert/entertainment reporter” reel through a number of Atlanta-based opportunities that would have New York City calling in 1995! Sidmel didn’t want me to leave her or WAGA, but knew she had to let me go. In our last, in-depth chat, she acknowledged that she was being selfish and shouldn’t have tried to hold me back from trying to take my career to the next level, but she LOVED having me at GOOD DAY ATLANTA with her and she explained that I was one of her “BABIES” – a term of endearment she called us all…and – in turn – those of us who have come up through the student pipeline are coined #NABJBABIES. In our last chat a couple of years ago (Orlando NABJ), Sidmel told me how proud she was of what I made of myself - as producer, talent, and MAN --- something she pointed out that she knew I was figuring out when we worked together and I was 22 and 23 years old. Well, like Sid, I can right now acknowledge that I am being selfish and trying to hold her back from leaving us and taking her life’s destiny and legacy to the next level. She is one of my INDUSTRY MOMS after all! She took a chance on me at the beginning…and so many thousands and thousands of others – including putting the fire under us entertainment beat journalists to start the NABJ Arts & Entertainment Task Force! She was spirited, fierce, pioneering, and FULL OF LOVE…and she did an AWESOME JOB while here on earth – indeed jumping over the moon to be with her parents again in heaven. This, as we keep her family, especially her sons Joshua and Sidney, in our PRAYERS! THOUGH A SAD MOMENT IN TIME that will reverberate for the rest of their lives, THEY SHOULD BE SO PROUD! SHE LOVED HER BOYS!!! WE WILL LOVE SIDMEL ESTES SUMPTER FOREVER! I LOVE YOU ALL! Please don’t forget to LOVE ONE ANOTHER – from near or far! JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER as I LOVE YOU! #NABJ40

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