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Shows You Should See For October 2018 on Daily Blast LIve


Hi folks,
Having wrapped Summer 2018 book tour in promotion of "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" (Dorpie Books), please continue to STAY TUNED for:
* when you can get the book where all books are sold
* some Fall 2018 announcements for spot book stops/events - including Atlanta; Dartmouth; and more.
* announcements on other WOMEN WHO INSPIRED ME synergies.
* more press impressions - like my most recent interview on @RadioAndySXM with @BevySmith on her show #Bevelations - on #RadioAndy #Channel102 on #SiriusXM. Check it out on demand.
* My book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" - still available to order via Dorpie Books: http://bit.ly/buy-friends-book (OR CLICK LINK IN BIO ABOVE!☝️). 

MEANWHILE, I'm also back to plugging into my freelance producing/talent grid - attracting the good-fit fare that I can juggle alongside my book promo and Brand Ambassador clients Miss Jessie's and D. Briggs Media:
* was booked to conduct a series of inspirational interviews for new, recurring client CHUBB
* I filed my debut TV critic segment for Daily Blast Live's franchise SHOWS WE SHOULD SEE - first of what they say will be many spot, pop-culture-analyst contributions:
As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! And please continue to FOLLOW ME via social media:
IG: @patrick.riley
TWITTER: @patarack
FB: @patrick.l.riley



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