PATRICKRILEYHEADSHOT2.JPGWELCOME to "The Life of Riley" which will include periodic chronicles of pop culture and possibilities that flow out of Patrick L. Riley's day. That's me!!! Through blogging (and soon some other technological features on which I'll keep you posted as they launch), I will pull experiences from my busy life to entertain and inspire all of you. Through this site, I will share my observations and insights. 

Some features to look forward to:

1.) "PATRICK'S POP UP(DATES)" will feature stories from pop culture, music, theater, fashion, and the entertainment industry at large. 

2.) "The Life of Riley" will also introduce a "take-a-look-at-your-life" section (READ: sort of an advice column), where I will help readers come up with their own questions and answers around what "ways of being" are working (or not working) to have them acheive their respective goals and live their best lives. This section is called "WHO YOU BE?".

3.) Additonally, there will be a free-flowing, organic section called "TESTIFY" from which I will pull from my own life's journey to share and hopefully inspire. Some of the fare may be new musings and experiences. Other times, I may pull from my journals and past sharings to shed light on some uncomfortable truths that I've experienced and that may perhaps play a role in healing someone else's wounds as the real-life experience did for me. From my experience of covering 9/11 as a freelance journalist to courageously coming out (as gay) to my family, "TESTIFY" promises to move those who choose to read it.

4.) And a section titled "PR" (like my initials, but also like "public relations") will include press clips from any coverage I get. 

5.) And anytime pictures or video can support an entry (in the blog, and perhaps in the subsequent podcasts, my space, and website), those visuals will keep things aesthetically enrolling. That section will be called "MY TUBE".
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Hi folks,
Having wrapped Summer 2018 book tour in promotion of "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" (Dorpie Books), please continue to STAY TUNED for:
* when you can get the book where all books are sold
* some Fall 2018 announcements for spot book stops/events - including Atlanta; Dartmouth; and more.
* announcements on other WOMEN WHO INSPIRED ME synergies.
* more press impressions - like my most recent interview on @RadioAndySXM with @BevySmith on her show #Bevelations - on #RadioAndy #Channel102 on #SiriusXM. Check it out on demand.
* My book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" - still available to order via Dorpie Books: (OR CLICK LINK IN BIO ABOVE!☝️). 

MEANWHILE, I'm also back to plugging into my freelance producing/talent grid - attracting the good-fit fare that I can juggle alongside my book promo and Brand Ambassador clients Miss Jessie's and D. Briggs Media:
* was booked to conduct a series of inspirational interviews for new, recurring client CHUBB
* I filed my debut TV critic segment for Daily Blast Live's franchise SHOWS WE SHOULD SEE - first of what they say will be many spot, pop-culture-analyst contributions:
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happily thankful


By way of our mutual BFFs Carl Nelson and Sidra Smith, Tichina Arnold has become an uber-cool friend, often chronicled in "...The Life of Riley..." - from casual hangs to L.A. sightings to the night she joined us at Native Restaurant for "All-Star Karaoke Thursday Night" ( Whenever we all connect, it's a good time! With some of Tichina's own fam in tow and my BFF Ern in the mix, we all gathered at Sid's place for an impromptu, day-after-Thanksgiving feast - comprised of delightful dishes Sid had prepared the day prior and lovingly warmed up for us to enjoy. Seasoned to perfection, the menu included turkey, dressing, collard greens, yams, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, and more! For entertainment, Tichina gave our ears a sneak-peek of her new music (for a CD on which she's been working and plans to release - maybe independently). I've always been a fan of Tichina, THE SINGER. As she writes most of the material, I can now say I'm a fan of Tichina, THE SINGER/SONGWRITER! Meanwhile, Tichina, THE ACTRESS, is busy as ever ---- celebrating TV Land's acquiring 11 more episodes of her hit sitcom (with THE NANNY's Fran Drescher): "Happily Divorced" ( So, Season 2 - which premieres next Wednesday, November 28th (with a guest star turn by Joan Collins) - will now run for 24 episodes. ANOTHER NIGHT during THANKSGIVING weekend, we found ourselves in Brooklyn at SOCO Restaurant ( and we got to hang out with girlfriend Vilay and her beau. A little karaoke afterwards at DUETS 53 rounded that night out. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we are GRATEFUL to dear friends Danielle and Bernard who threw a MOST-DELIGHTFUL THANKSGIVING DINNER – menu including: Marinated Roasted Turkey; Baked Glazed Ham (a la Ernest Maynor); Red Beans & Rice; Caribbean Mac & Cheese with Smokey Chipotle Peppers; Cornbread Stuffing with Andouille Sausage & Aromatic Vegetables; Candied Yams; Potato Salad; Sauteed String Beans with Shallots & Pancetta; Spicy Apple Cranberry Relish (and my favorite Cranberry Sauce from the can). Cocktails included Torched Cherry Sangria and Homemade Bajan Rum Punch. DESSERT included Fresh Fruit Tart, Carrot Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, and a Red Velvet Cake (for my birthday: SURPRISE!). Bernard’s parents; cousin; and aunt were in the mix as well… and we had a blast!


With Chicago buddies Jaci and Kelli in tow, we were HONORED to be in the presence – once again – of Tony Award winner RUBEN SANTIAGO-HUDSON. He's Director of August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson" in NYC. (Shout out to my friend, Walk Tall Girl Productions/Black Theater Online’s Marcia Pendelton ( She made sure we were all in the house as she works on the marketing/audience team for this show and many shows – Broadway and off-Broadway). Ruben directs August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson”… and we got to enjoy a wine & cheese/photo-op moment with him (for personal catch up); but prior, a discussion between Ruben and Vinnie Bagwell (the sculptor who created the art that is on the piano) took place…and they each talked about their process, the history and themes behind the sculptures, Ruben's personal connection with August Wilson and SO MUCH MORE! I’ve hung out with Ruben a time or few in New York City – including a run-in at a Halle Berry movie premiere (  and I interviewed him at the American Stroke Association’s benefit at The Apollo last year (  He’s always a JOY and ready to tell amazing stories – on and off the stage. And now that “Piano Lesson” has been extended to January 13th, you MUST check it out yet another of his directorial masterpieces:


Toasts all around for our 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Got one more toast in with Chicago friends Jaci and Kelli. From there, on the actual day, we laid low at home before heading out to toast with friends Carl Nelson, Andy Diaz, and others at NABJ buddy Taj Tsonga’s place followed by a New Ro HIGH-FIVE at A Loft with my Amazing Grace Nichole; Troy; Michelle Sanchez-Boyce; Nelson Boyce; Cynthia Burgos; Elijah; Dawn; Tracey; and the rest of the crew! We even snuck in a late night/early morning Amy Ruth meal. Then, Sunday brunch (and lots more toasting) with The Porters…and MISS NINA! Shout out to Rakia for the "Cosby Show" nod! CUTE SHIRT!






My first assignment for 2012 required I hit the ground running in L.A. for recurring client BET!

In addition to producing TONY ROCK on the red carpet at the new-season premiere party of "The Game" & "Let's Stay Together" (, I too interviewed the cast members and their Hollywood friends at the casino-style after party - excerpts from which will run on BET through the night the show premieres. Both casts were so gracious. And I really enjoyed meeting some of the "Let's Stay Together" 'folks.

Don't forget to watch both hit shows Tuesday, January 10th at 10pm/eastern...and every Tuesday after that!

MEANWHILE, while in L.A., I got the chance to see one of LA's installments of FELA! (attended also by my industry buddy Tichina Arnold who discovered I was there during intermission...and what a FUN reunion that was as we normally see each other in NYC! ALWAYS GOOD TO SEE HER!).

Outside my temp digs for the week, The Hotel Roosevelt, I went on an errand down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While snapping my favorites, I stumbled into NABJ/AABJ (black journalist) mentor Vic Carter - in town on business.

Small world, huh? And though work kept me most occupied through most of my time in L.A., I did manage to see some friends - albeit too briefly:

Itika T. Oldwine; Derek Lafayette;

V Scott Hamilton; Stacey Antonio; Will Miller;

Jocelyn R Coleman;

Melora Rivera (who brought me my biggest surprise. I produced her mom, FOX 5 Atlanta anchor Amanda Davis in the mid-'90s on "Good Day Atlanta". After our newscast, I'd take Melora -- in 4th grade or less at the time - to school while her mom did teases for the NOON newscast which she also anchored. I'd take Melora to Chick-fil-a for a breakfast sandwich and drop her off to her school before I'd head back to either help write the NOON news or before I'd head home. Melora is now a WOMAN and working in Hollywood for my friend Salim Akil. CONGRATS, MELORA...and I'll be looking for your cameo in "Sparkle". MUCH LOVE TO YOU --- and your mom. HAPPY TO BE BACK IN TOUCH!); Zabrina Horton;

Loren Lillian;

TheQuan Lateef;

and a host of others that remind me I have some awesome friends who I consider family in L.A. not to mention my BFF (from high school) Maurice Marable who brought me on to do this gig for BET.

Was great to hang out with Mo and Mrs. Karen Good Marable, who - of course - is quite a joy.

Oh! One person I actually met for the first time and have adored from RuPaul's Drag Race (a recurring diva): Shangela Laquifa Wadley.

 He will be featured on "Toddlers & Tiaras" - dropping the science of being fierce on the little ones. LOL! GO! THANKS L.A. & BET!

And special shout out to my friends Mara Brock-Akil and Salim Akil for creating "The Game" and continuing to take their Hollywood game to the next level: Look for their "SPARKLE" remake in August of this year!


I had to get back from L.A. on a red-eye that got me back to NYC Sunday morning because industry buddy Myrdith Leon-McCormack invited me to be shot by photographer extraordinaire Frank Ishman ( Frank also happens to be my Morehouse brother. The shoot is a part of a collective campaign that features portraits and brief write-ups on each participant’s legacy. Today, Artist/Philanthropist Danny Simmons; WNBC’s Kym Hampton; film director Dominga Martin; and FFAWN philanthropist Latonya Blige were shot. Also in the house: Justiin Davis (HBO Boardwalk Empire): And a special shout out to THE GLAM SQUAD: Makeup-- Francesca B; Hair---Moet Stewart; Stylist--Janine Linton! GREAT JOB, LADIES! And GREAT WORK, FRANK ISHMAN! XO


On the eve of New Year’s Eve, some friends did inspire me to come out and play (amidst a week of partial-work & partial-relaxation). NYC friend Sharon Nelson and her family hosted a holiday gathering which allowed me to toast some near and dear for the season: Carl Nelson; ABC 7 Anchor/Reporter Sandra Bookman (industry buddy from our Atlanta days); Gilda Squire; Marie Raxy; etc. Then, a pop down to Snack Dragon to hang with BFFs Jamar Dunn; Ryan T Hall; and Ryan’s cool-EST mom Donna. She proved herself a stellar vocalist as we found a little karaoke to get into, after enjoying delicious tacos and sangria. Our hosts Cindy and John threw an awesome HAPPY NEW YEAR set! We had a BLAST! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!


Christmas in my hometown of Savannah with family and friends! GREAT TIMES! And a dose of Atlanta makes it all right for the holidays! XO Here are more pix: 

P.S. R-I-P

You may recall that while I was in L.A. - post-producing "Monica", I got to see the L.A. premiere of the documentary Kodjoe was working on before he died. I found out while I was in L.A. -- as I was going to see FELA in L.A. at the Ahmanson Theater - right next door to where Claudia's film screened that September in 2009: & - we found out that Claudia passed away. Her awarding-winning work as a producer with ABC, NBC and PBS has made her a recipient of numerous awards including 11 Emmys, a duPont and a Peabody. Here is a beautiful tribute written by David Guilbault, a former ABC executive producer, who worked with her on her important HIV/AIDS documentary "Why Us? Dying and Left Behind" (after Kodjoe passed away in March 2005: Claudia will be missed but her legacy lives on. 




These past couple of weeks, we’ve had some great times at ALL-STAR KARAOKE THURSDAY NIGHT. TICHINA ARNOLD came by last week. She is in town co-starring in “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” at The Westside Theater. After her debut night, she came by and sang a couple of quick ditties along with inspiring folks to keep their pulse on politics!!!! This, before we enjoyed an after set at Sidra’s place – allowing us to download on all things “Martin”; “Everybody Hates Chris”; and pop culture. THANKS TICHINA!!! The week prior, my buddy Ed Roebuck invited R&B DIVA Alyson Williams who does a wonderful Tuesday night set at Ashford & Simpson’s “Sugar Bar”. She agreed to join me on a number: “Our Love” by Natalie Cole (WHAT A HIGHLIGHT! THANKS ALYSON who – FYI - I’ve interviewed before for “…the Life of Riley…” blog:!) And so many of my friends – old and new – have been coming out to support – including Tracy (left), a breast cancer survivor. I actually met Tracy through Sid at a table reading. I introduced her to my Mara Schiavocampo who was inspired to do a story on Tracy for NBC ( DON'T WE LOVE SYNERGY?


By the way, y’all: PLEASE GO OUT AND SUPPORT TICHINA in this show LOVE, LOSS & WHAT I WORE which she’s only doing for a month! SHE IS SUCH A TALENT! Check out the website for tickets and more information!


I am often invited to big film premieres, wine tastings, and restaurant openings here in New York City. I convinced my girlfriend Sidra to join me at an event that was held at the Times Square McDonald’s ( The occasion: The return of the McRib (back in restaurants nationwide as a limited promotion running November 2 through November 22). I’d tried it when it first came on the scene back in the ‘80s when I was a tween. Over the years, I’ve seen it on the menu in select locations throughout America, but never re-ordered it as an adult… until last night. McDonald’s USAs Director of Social Media Rick Wion ( invited me out to re-experience the boneless, seasoned pork patty that is dressed with fresh slivered onions, two dill pickle slices, plenty of BBQ sauce, and is served on a toasted, golden-brown home-style roll. I liked it well enough, but not as much as The Ultimate McRib Fans (who were in attendance at the well-appointed affair – including Joey Erwin from Simpsonville, SC, self-described as “Mr. McRib”). Also in attendance: John Resig, co-owner and President of and Also, John portrays Deputy Kevin Ellis in one of Sid’s favorite shows and HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood”.


BIG THANKS to my Morehouse BFF Michael K. Watts (and LIVE! FROM FRONT ROW - I got to tag along for “Windows Phone Presents: KATY PERRY” at Roseland Ballroom… “… AND I LIKED IT!” I LOVE KATY… and her show – inclusive of ALL of her HITS - was SPECTACULAR! Then, en route home, I enjoyed a wonderful night of food, wine, and conversation at friend/jewelry designer Trevor Hartman’s place. When he noticed my LOVE of ALBUM COVERS, he gave me an early BDAY gift: “1001 ALBUMS YOU MUST HEAR BEFORE YOU DIE” (UNIVERSE). THIS RAINY DAY & MONDAY HAPPENED TO BRING ME UP!


Shout out to my boy Caleb for asking me to direct/field produce a pilot project that stars the talented Rachel Day. Rachel incidentally is one of the models we used on the pilot project I host (still-in-post-production... and Caleb is helping us with that one as well - My girl Sidra worked with me, which made for a smooth shoot (Thanks Sid!) and our Philly-based crew held us all up brilliantly. And our subject, accessories designer Nicole Romano ( was a dream along with her team – including Gabby and Megan (who works in her boutique that is housed at The Plaza Hotel). Ant and I also got to hang out with Caleb recently in Manhattan. Good food. Good drink. A little window shopping! CONGRATS RACHEL!


My Amazing Grace Nichole; our friend Michelle; and I went to the Grand Premiere of “The Fashion Show” starring Iman and Isaac Mizrahi. Though I have met and interviewed Iman before, my reason for supporting this effort is: Jeffrey Williams, my friend and Nichole’s cousin whose name we always knew would be in lights. Jeffrey is one of the fashion designer contestants. CONGRATS JEFFREY! YOU ARE SAFE…this week... and we will be watching you every Tuesday night at 10pm on BRAVO! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!


Sidra invited Toby and me to join her at Ogilvy & Mather for an introduction to OgilvyCULTURE - a cross-cultural, strategic movement that promises to change how Madison Avenue demographically targets its marketing efforts. The reception and presentation – led by marketing strategist Jeffrey Bowman - were presented to a room full of NYC tastemakers – including “Soul Food”s Bird, Malinda Williams; Miss Bevy Smith; Dee Marshall; Rachel Noerdlinger; Pam Pickens; and a host of others.


As I prepare to turn 40, I guess I’m maintaining my joie de vivre by hanging out with the young’ns. Recently, I went to my 13-year-old buddy Zach’s karaoke party at my spot One 7. He asked where he could throw a karaoke set. So, I sent him to my karaoke mecca. And we had a BLAST, but most importantly, Zach had a GREAT TIME!Then, I went to the Hampton Inn to speak to communications and journalism students from my buddy Scott’s alma mater Norfolk State University. They were in NYC for a media tour. I even met - for the first time - the son of my dear friend Sheila Eldridge - awesome publicist and entertainment manager (2nd from right in next pic). Sheila helped me snag an exclusive interview with the 'Funky Divas' En Vogue in 1994 when I was starting out in my career with "Good Day Atlanta". Over the years, she's always mentioned her son. "Jersey" - he calls himself - is getting ready to break into the business by way of the caring folks at Norfolk State U. Look out for him! Also, we invited the impressive bunch of media and journalism scholars to join us for Ant’s co-worker Yaz’s birthday party at Hudson Eatery. Thanks to all of my friends who shared their career testimonials with the young folks who are shaping their professional lives.


If you haven't checked it out already, see the first Urban LGBT network GLO-TV's 2nd installment of "The Gayest ISH Ever". I still behave (sprinkled throughout - commenting on just a few of the topics). But my fellow pop culture analysts don't necessarily have my filters - to often FUNNY EFFECT! PLEASE tune in and SUBSCRIBE!


Had a GREAT SUNDAY last weekend with my dearest of friends Ern, Tata, Kim, and – of course – Ant. We took a road trip to DC/Maryland to attend a baby shower for my former NJ BFF (but still BFF from the distance) Lisa Goodnight-Sturdivant. That’s right! She’s married now… and they are expecting a baby by year’s end. TIMPANO CHOPHOUSE in Rockville, MD was the well-appointed and elegant backdrop – including the MOST DELICIOUS crab cakes along with other hearty dishes and wine. Was GREAT to see Lisa and her husband Lex along with her parents, his parents, their other family members, and the many friends we have in common. WHAT A JOYFUL ROOM! I laughed so much, my belly hurts! CONGRATULATIONS, my babies!



One of my favorite moments over this last couple of weeks: At Mo-Bay Uptown Restaurant (WWW.MOBAYUPTOWNNYC.COM). I had a lovely lunch with songstress Cheryl Pepsii Riley (WWW.CHERYLPEPSIIRILEY.COM). One of her reps Terrance Russ brought us namesakes together to compare notes on the respective " of (both) Riley(s)..." Cheryl had a lot to tell – including how much she LOVES to host Monday night’s jam session at Village Underground (; how she is going back on the road with Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Happy Family” (; how she sang all of the vocals for Taraji P. Henson’s character in Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” (; and how she makes it all work – from being an enterprising and creative singer – of many formats – to being a step-mother; auntee of several almost-grown kids; and a grand-auntee. Though a long time since her debut hit “Thanks For My Child” (, Cheryl is still quite passionate about the industry and getting her music out there – including recently re-released CD “Let Me Be Me” and single “Come Over”.  My RILEY namesake and I did all of this catching up over tasty Southern Fried Chicken, Deep Fried Catfish, potato salad, rice & peas, mac & cheese, and collard greens. CONGRATS, CHERYL! Hope to see you soon!


So, I will be back in HARLEM on Thursday - hosting NATIVE RESTAURANT's ALL-STAR KARAOKE (9PM - 12 MIDNIGHT). PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT. The ALL-STARS have really come out over these past couple of weeks… and we expect more surprise visits and tie-ins in weeks to come. R&B diva Monifah came by the first week. Her song “Touch It” is in the karaoke book! Gotta love it, right? She knows many of my friends and invited Nichole, Ant, Shareen, Shareen’s Kenny, and me to see her perform at Groove with Toni Menage and Ria. AWESOME SHOW, I might add! These ladies are SANGING, you hear? (We did happy hour at Therapy and Bamboo 52. Thai at Q2 where my best buddies from L.A., Scott and Tony, joined us.) Oh! And when we went to see Monifah and crew perform in The Village the other night, we bumped into Wu Tang Clan's RZA in the parking deck on 3rd Street.  But back to ALL-STAR KARAOKE at NATIVE RESTAURANT in HARLEM, the roster has been impressive – “Black 2 Broadway”s Kevin-Anthony, singer extraordinaire Darius Booker, and “Wendy” art director/cabaret singer Candice Harper. The following week, fan favorite Melonie Daniels brought her amazing vocals (which once backed Mariah Carey) to Lenny Kravitz’s “Get Away”. Also, former “As The World Turns” star Napiera Danielle Groves gave Lauryn Hill a run for her money with “Ex Factor”. And so many friends came out to support: my girlfriend Sidra Smith; performer/director/Tony-nominated choreographer Ken Roberson; my Amazing Grace Nichole, my girlfriend Shareen ("Nate Berkus Show"); a slew of "Wendy" producers; my mentor Darius (CNN); my nephew Herman; my Morehouse BFFs Michael and Khalid; my CAU girlfriend Audra; my former CNBC buddy/author Sana; my friends Rafael, Robert, Murphy, and a host of others whose names I may be forgetting. And the next week, another great group of folks was in the house: NABJ friends - Mara (as in Schiavocampo, NBC Digital Correspondent) and NY Daily News reporter Mike Feeney – brought their singing talents on Beyonce’s “Halo” and MJ’s “Human Nature” – respectively. And my karaoke buddies Javier and Marco brought an array of their great talent – from Freddie Jackson’s “You Are My Lady” to Josh Grobin’s “You Raise Me Up” to some Spanish tunes. And ones to watch: Miss Pernell Walker and Efron! JUST AWESOME on their songs! Such a great group of karaoke supporters and friends came out: my friends Ern, Carl, Saundra, Shantay, Nikoa, Bridgit, Sidra, Tommie, Nicole, Karen, Nathan, Melvin, Mario, Lou, and a host of others. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN NEXT THURSDAY… and to meet some new talent and supporters of our ALL-STAR KARAOKE at NATIVE Restaurant in HARLEM. You can see more pix here:



MEANWHILE, my favorite boutique “N” has asked me to HOST a pre-ALL-STAR-KARAOKE set at its store (next door to “N”) THIS THURSDAY from 7pm – 9pm ( I’ll be commuting back to NYC from an assignment in Chicago, but hope to meet-and-greet with all of you before ALL-STAR KARAOKE THURSDAY begins at 9pm. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF YOU!


Ant and I have been spending a lot of time in Harlem lately – perhaps an omen of what is to come: RELOCATION, maybe? Of course, we have spent lots of time with our Sidra. Also, my Mara (and Tommie) invited us over for several impromptu hangs. On night two of ALL-STAR KARAOKE, they hosted a fab dinner party before we all segued to NATIVE RESTAURANT. For LABOR DAY, our Sidra joined us along with buddy Tichina Arnold in tow. Tichina brilliantly sang several a cappella excerpts from her intimate evening of song on which she’s working – including a tribute to MJ (and a song or two in German & Italian). She may pop by ALL-STAR KARAOKE one Thursday really soon! Speaking of MJ,  Ant and I went to a book signing at Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem. Our friend Jason King spoke about and signed his book "Michael Jackson Treasures: Celebrating the King of Pop in Memorabilia and Photos". One of the three novelists of "Visible Lives"s – the E. Lynn Harris-inspired collection - James Earl Hardy, was there with news of great new projects. Stay tuned. And friend Jami Coleman and MJ fan Gadget Trish were also there:


As my line goes: “I sleep in Jersey. I LIVE in the city.” As a twist of daily tradition would have it, my long-time best bud Carl Nelson drove his bike from Manhattan to New Jersey to see me. And like my childhood days, I was at home, doing my homework, minding my business, and a friend popped over to say “Can Patrick ...come out and play?” LOL! That almost never happens nor has happened in a long time. But I jumped right into my inner-child and joined Carl for a slice of pizza at “Sonny’s Pizzeria” and a scoop of homemade ice cream from “Ice Cream on Grand” – both in Englewood, NJ (near my town).


Kim Coles has been working the circuit of late. We saw her and hung out with her a couple of weeks ago when she was in town for “The Nate Berkus Show”. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, Kim came back to NYC to tape "The Wendy Williams Show" ( THERE'S MY KIM COLES! I took girlfriend Vilay who is Manivone’s cousin and Ant’s friend from Denver.   And you know, we had a GREAT TIME!   I even took a stab at my own "HOW YOU DOIN?"When she was visiting a couple of months ago, she helped us with the production of our pilot project. Now, she’s been bitten by the bug and has moved to NYC. In addition to Kim Coles being the guest on the show, we got to see Sean Kingston perform. Season 2 for 'Wendy' has started. New set. New energy! How u doin'?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


I want to shout out my girl Ava Duvernay whose MY MIC SOUNDS NICE premiered on BET recently (She also directed the TV ONE ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL special that premiered recently)…

My buddy Maurice Marable’s documentary “THE STORY” recently ran on Sundance channel. It is actually described as the story behind the story. It follows a group of teenagers at GFS in the South Bronx as they make an attempt to make a film, executing every aspect of the production — including shooting on location in Uganda.  It's a simple and heartwarming journey as the kids discover who they are through the challenge of filmmaking.

I got a call from my former L.A. buddy Ed who happened to be in NYC. His professional credits include Nancy Wilson, Miss Ross, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and a host of others. I snatched him up quickly as I LOVE ME SOME ED and he really took care of me while in L.A. on assignment last year! We enjoyed a hearty meal at Silver Spurs in the Village. Afterwards, buddy Theo inspired a karaoke after set at Karaoke Cave near Union Square…

 Had business in Boston over the past weekend. Upon my return, stopped through New Rochelle to hang out with my Amazing Grace Nichole and her FAB, DC-based fam – including her mother (“Honey”, we call her!); her sister Tori; and her niece Day. Our girlfriend Dawn also joined in on the fun. We enjoyed a lovely meal of tacos & fixins (and a brilliantly-interpreted, a capella serenade of jazz standard "I Wish You Love" by MY Honey, quite the singer in her day... and still. BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!). ..

Speaking of New Ro, Michelle Sanchez-Boyce and her husband Nelson had us over for a night-cap at their beautiful home. This time we were on the patio  – seated around an awesome fire & glass (ice) feature. WONDERFUL EVENING!...

I recently saw an episode of "Good Times" featuring legendary 70s actress Judy Pace for the first time since meeting her at NABJ in San Diego. It's the episode when Florida & James go on 20th Anniversary cabin trip (and "Gloria" makes a cameo as she's looking for the moutain home-owner, James' foreman). Judy is also the mother of Julia Pace Mitchell - the new African American actress on "The Young & The Restless" (Met her in San Diego at NABJ). Next stop: Judy's cameo on "Sanford & Son" (and so much more...). YAYYY! CLASIC SITCOMS!

After two Morehouse men (c/o '92) got the opportunity to produce the Opening Plenary for the National Association of Black Journalists' annual Convention in San Diego (Michael K. Watts and me), another of our brethren is easing on down the road to Dr. Oz. Corey Hebert, MD once walked the yard that is Morehouse College alongside Michael and me. Now, the "Doctor for the People", a New Orleans native, is managing a full-time practice, working the medical beat on WDSU-TV (NBC), and now contributing to the nationally syndicated "Dr. Oz" show on Friday, September 10th. (Coincidentally, the first time Dr. Oz and I worked together, we traveled together from New York City to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. There, we searched for dead and decomposing bodies. Also, Dr. Oz worked hard to treat all those he could in what was (and still is) an overwhelming situation. Since that time, I've produced many segments in the field with him and consider him such a joy and a light.). "The Pulse" is a new segment that will feature Dr. Hebert and two other doctors - keeping viewers abreast of the latest and most controversial medical studies (  CONGRATS, DR. COREY!


Well, FANTASIA is back!

In the wake of her personal worries of late, just want to send a SHOUT OUT to her (and her AWESOME manager Brian).  I am rooting her on NOT just for a HIT CD and commercial success, but INNER-PEACE, JOY, LOVE, and HARMONY! Had a chance to meet her last year when I was in L.A. and found her to be a doll. I hope she knows her worth and where she doesn't know it, I hope she has the people around her who help lift her up.

MISS ROSS is preparing to go back on the road for the 2nd leg of her stateside “MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY” tour. We always welcome a ROSS song… but TV ONE and BET seem to be calling for another ROSS movie as they remind us how brilliant this Oscar-nominated performer is as an actress. TV ONE recently ran a TRIPLE FEATURE: "Mahogany"; "Double Platinum"; and "Out of Darkness". And BET ran "The Wiz" – all the same weekend. It all inspired Ant to start this FB page: 

Working from home office one day - drumming up new business; managing developing business; and - with my peripheral squint - watching my CBS Soaps... off in the distance. “As The World Turns” – which is about to end its 54-year rotation on September 17, 2010 – was on. I was a crying fool on this particular day as everyone has just attended the funeral of matriarch Nancy Hughes – whose portrayer Helen Wagner died in May of this year. One of the flashbacks shows “Nancy” circa 1991, tutoring pre-Fugees Lauryn Hill’s character Kira, who – in this clip – you can see singing at the wedding of my friend Tamara Tunie’s character Jessica who married Duncan. I told you my late, great mom Queen Riley raised her “boys” to watch the stories. LOL! I’m here crying for people I don’t know, but - after all of these years - feel very much… like family! WILL MISS "AS THE WORLD TURNS", but like REAL-LIFE, all GOOD THINGS must come to an end!

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