PATRICKRILEYHEADSHOT2.JPGWELCOME to "The Life of Riley" which will include periodic chronicles of pop culture and possibilities that flow out of Patrick L. Riley's day. That's me!!! Through blogging (and soon some other technological features on which I'll keep you posted as they launch), I will pull experiences from my busy life to entertain and inspire all of you. Through this site, I will share my observations and insights. 

Some features to look forward to:

1.) "PATRICK'S POP UP(DATES)" will feature stories from pop culture, music, theater, fashion, and the entertainment industry at large. 

2.) "The Life of Riley" will also introduce a "take-a-look-at-your-life" section (READ: sort of an advice column), where I will help readers come up with their own questions and answers around what "ways of being" are working (or not working) to have them acheive their respective goals and live their best lives. This section is called "WHO YOU BE?".

3.) Additonally, there will be a free-flowing, organic section called "TESTIFY" from which I will pull from my own life's journey to share and hopefully inspire. Some of the fare may be new musings and experiences. Other times, I may pull from my journals and past sharings to shed light on some uncomfortable truths that I've experienced and that may perhaps play a role in healing someone else's wounds as the real-life experience did for me. From my experience of covering 9/11 as a freelance journalist to courageously coming out (as gay) to my family, "TESTIFY" promises to move those who choose to read it.

4.) And a section titled "PR" (like my initials, but also like "public relations") will include press clips from any coverage I get. 

5.) And anytime pictures or video can support an entry (in the blog, and perhaps in the subsequent podcasts, my space, and website), those visuals will keep things aesthetically enrolling. That section will be called "MY TUBE".
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hbcu graduates aspire step by step

So LIFE OF RILEY knew and teased, but now I can SCREAM IT FROM THE RAFTERS: my FAV NEPHEW Herman Lee Riley III is a REALITY TV cast-mate on THE GRADUATES – a new series that chronicles the NYC LIVING of HBCU ALUMS in the MILLENNIAL SET! My nephew hails from our alma mater Morehouse College while each of the other cast members are alums of other #HBCUs. The digital show will also air on ASPIRE during the halftime of the live HBCU football games on ASPiRE. Check out ASPIRE.TV for episodes and more information! CONGRATS NOOT! SO PROUD! Here’s a PREVIEW: Esteemed Broadway producer Randolph Sturrup (“A Street Car Named Desire”; "The Trip to Bountiful"; and Eclipsed") and seasoned TV News exec Keith Michael Brown are producing this project along with Al Roker Entertainment. So, these kids are in good hands! #LIFEOFRILEY #PETTYCASHNYC #HERMANLRILEYIII #HLRIII #THEGRADUATES #ASPIRE #ASPIRETV  

The Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Baumgartner Executive Produced film (in which I have a little part as Rudy), STEPS, screened for the first time to 1,100 invited guests to the Landmark Loews Theater on November 19, 2015 (my birthday): helped present premiere night last November in Jersey City: Well, now you can BE INSPIRED with scheduled screenings at UrbanWorld Film Festival which takes place in NYC September 21 through 25. And prior to #UWFF2016, the much-buzzed-about project written by Eddie Harris, will screen at Newark International Film Festival on Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 6-7:30 pm on Screen3 at CityPlex 12 on 360 Springfield Avenue in Newark, NJ 07103. TICKETS CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED SOCIAL MEDIA: @newarkiff. $10. #newarkiff SEE THE TRAILER BIG THANKS to THOSE who SUPPORTED STEPS in ATLANTA for The Peachtree Village International Film Festival. And as always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! URBAN WORLD FILM FESTIVAL INFO: It’s taken a village to make this film happen – including the amazing writer/producer EDDIE HARRIS who penned and ran all of production for STEPS; Producer and Casting Director Penwah who stayed on me to audition and stayed on the filmmakers to cast me; LIFE OF RILEY partner and ALL STAR KARAOKE sponsor, MISS JESSIE’s, who donated MISS JESSIE's bags to the Premiere event in November.STEPS is Co-Directed by the SPECTACULAR Jay Rodriguez and Rock Davis. Denzel Washington’s wife Pauletta and a host of others comprise this most wonderful cast! For more information on the cast and the amazing crew, click here: In STEPS, my RUDY has big heart...and will go down as my feature film debut. My partner Anthony Harper - Events Manager at MIST Harlem - recently hosted a tastemaker screening of STEPS that many of my NYC industry fam got to attend:


free sidra

  Y’all know how much LIFE OF RILEY loves some SIDRA SMITH, NAACP Image Award-winning producer for FREE ANGELA AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS, the documentary:, how much prouder am I supposed to be with her latest good news? I guess will have to suffice until Oscar night 2018! LOL! My SIDRA SMITH is coming board to produce an authorized biopic of Angela Davis through Codeblack – Lionsgate – adapted from the doc: Here’s the release that tells it all: I’m so proud of you, SID! You know you have my support! #FREEANGELA #NAACP #IMAGEAWARDS #SIDRASMITH

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Tues 8 9 16 INVITE TO SUPPORT Olympic Pride American Prejudice by Deborah Riley Draper and Blair Underwood

RIO and THE OLYMPICS are on the minds of many this week!

I’m always excited to run into OLYMPIC legends – like a recent run-in with Olympic legend Carl Lewis.

Well, LIFE OF RILEY is excited to invite you to join us NEXT TUESDAY in New York City for a documentary on the 18 Black Olympians of the 1936 Games, “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” from Director Deborah Riley Draper (Versailles “73: American Runway Revolution) and Narrator/Executive Producer Blair Underwood.

PLEASE COME JOIN LIFE OF RILEY Tuesday, August 9th for the 7p SCREENING. On this night, you get a BONUS with your purchased ticket: a post-show interview that I will conduct via Skype with Writer/Director Deborah Riley Draper. Ticket info:

Riley Draper is not a relative, but a Savannah home-girl who also graduated from the same high school as me: Windsor Forest High School. In fact, my dear friend from high school and my Spelman sister Tandi Reddick – Associate Producer on this project – is the one who hipped me to this masterpiece:! So, I just had to help get the word out on it!  

Moreover, in my role as Brand Ambassador at Miss Jessie’s, Co-Founder, CEO, and Creative Director Miko Branch is donating bags for the NYC Theatrical Release’s Opening Night(s) this Friday, August 5th and Saturday, August 6th (Deborah and Blair are scheduled to be in attendance). Ticket info:

The film enjoyed a sold-out world premiere as an official selection in the documentary category at the Los Angeles Film Festival and is also an official selection at the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival. The film will open in 10 additional cities in September.

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice follows 18 African Americans, 16 men and two women, who defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to win hearts and medals at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games. While the world is familiar with Jesse Owens' story, this film tells the largely unknown story of the 17 other black Olympians. Though their untold stories faded into obscurity, their presence on the world stage in 1936 remains a seminal precursor to the modern American Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for equality in sports.

"Olympic Pride, American Prejudice is a deeply inspiring and emotional film that examines race, sports and implicit bias during the 1930s through the eyes and voices of 18 young Black Olympians, who laid the groundwork for so many movements,” said Deborah Riley Draper, writer/director. “Their experiences are as relevant today as they were 80 years ago.”

The film weaves rarely seen archival footage and photos with interviews of Carl Lewis, Isiah Thomas, Anita DeFrantz, Ambassador Andrew Young and Lonnie Bunch III, among others, including the families of the 1936 Black Olympians, German 1936 Olympics spectators and sports historians.

“Olympic Pride, American Prejudice is a film for all ages and for the ages,” says Blair Underwood, the film’s narrator and executive producer. “Generations to come will be inspired by the perseverance, courage and patriotism of these 18 African American athletes who faced Jim Crow America and Nazi Germany during Berlin’s 1936 Olympics. I am honored and proud to play but a small role in singing their praises.”

View the Trailer for the film at:

79 minutes * unrated * USA/Germany* 2016 *

Cinema Village

22 East 12th St.

New York, NY 10003

(212) 924-3363

Ticket info:

Monica Film Center

1332 2nd St.

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 478-3836

Ticket info:

ABOUT COFFEE BLUFF PICTURES: Coffee Bluff Pictures is an Atlanta-based independent film venture created to develop, produce and distribute compelling stories that shed light on the life and stories of the under-represented.


Deborah Riley Draper is a filmmaker, advertising executive and a Film Independent Documentary Lab Fellow. Riley Draper was named to Variety Magazine’s “2016 Top Ten Documakers to Watch.” Her debut film, “Versailles ‘73: American Runway Revolution,” received acclaim from critics and fans alike, including The New York Times, LA Times and Harper’s Bazaar. She is a member of Film Fatales and resides in Atlanta, Ga.

OPAP film website:

Facebook: 1936OlympicsMovie

Twitter: @olympics36

Instagram: 1936OlympicsMovie


PLEASE WATCH & SHARE: Hi folks! I’d mentioned that as my recurring clients prepare for summer breaks (i.e. “Oprah Where Are They Now?” at OWN-TV and “The Wendy Williams Show” [MetroPCS Street Talk]), another recurring client has booked me to host a 3rd season of digital programming for The first installment of it has rolled out this week. It’s The Advocate Collaborators, presented by Wells Fargo. We paired two gay families: one preparing to adopt a baby, and the other having already successfully adopted a baby. And as your host, I guide the conversation about such topics as what to expect, advice, lessons learned, the significance of the event and its financial impact.

SHOUT OUT to WELLS FARGO and THE --- and the agency AD HERE MEDIA --- for continuing to book me on-camera:  

Here are some individual episodes:                                 












Shout out to the crew on “The Advocate Collaborators, presented by Wells Fargo”

Production Company: Garnish Media

Producer: Elizabeth Gardner Potter

Director: Saro Varjabedian

Editor: Matt Maltese

#theadvocate #theadvocatecollaborators #wellsfargo #adheremedia #garnishmedia #moneyminute #lgbt

family vacation 

xscape puerto rico 2016

WHAT A WEEKEND! And I MUST say off the top, it would NOT have happened without the recommendation from my partner Ant’s sister from another mother, Sabrina Coleman AKA Bri Cole AKA Pansophy PR guru – clients over the years having included and including LEON, FRENCHIE DAVIS, MICHAEL JAI WHITE, PRESSURE, and XSCAPE PR!

Once she extended the advisement to Xscape Puerto Rico founders Gregory Douglas and Maurice Foley, they invited me to co-host and present at their Memorial Day Weekend Tropical Getaway for an esteemed LGBTQ set, I couldn’t refuse.

Was a bit more of a journey to get to this weekend --- with family crisis; some reversals on our original deal; lots of juggling deadlines, but I’m clear where I was supposed to be this weekend! WHAT A BLAST!

We CELEBRATED all things Patrik Ian Polk and the cast of Noah's Arc, including the one cast member with whom I'd yet to take a pic til now:Gregory Keith who plays Alex's partner and an anesthesiologist Trey Iverson. Always loved him on the show.This was one of many highlights that included a “Noah’s Arc” reunion with most of the balance of the cast: Darryl Stephens; Jensen Atwood - my friend who is always such a joy....
 and such a stand for the LGBTQ set as he looks to showcase his authentic hetero side in the upcoming season of TV One's "Hollywood Divas" (but the "children" still love them some Jensen - me included);and Rodney Chester. I share to inspire you joining us next year: Instagram: xscapepuertorico  Twitter: @xscapepr

Oh! And my dear friend James Earl Hardy – who I met via the National Association of Black Journalists in 1995 in Philadelphia – who is responsible for the B BOY BLUES franchise: books and staged work – was honored with a Vanguard Award. Love him and his work so much! Congrats James!

And you MUST KNOW Miss Frenchie Davis was a fierce and fun presence to the gathering of hundreds of LGBT professionals and our friends – performing a fab set of material in Old San Juan for one of our late night parties. She did Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”; Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”; a tribute to Prince and Denise Matthews: Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl”; a remixed Rihann’s “We Found Love” with just piano accompaniment; and an a capella “Home”. YAZZZZ! AND THANK YOU!

We didn’t do ALL STAR KARAOKE (which I host in New York City) this year in Puerto Rico (though I did stumble upon some karaoke in the general lounge…and I just had to get “The Boss” in for the packed lobby). But as a Celebrity Ambassador, I got the chance to host the Opening Night party, which was star-filled: Angie Stone played her new CD “Dream” and performed a few tracks from it (and her classic repertoire). She received XSCAPE PR’s Vanguard award that night.

Was also a treat to introduce two of my favorites with whom I’ve had the chance to know on a friend/fam tip these last few years: My R&B DIVA QUEEN MONIFAH and The Queen of Bounce: BIG FREEDIA – both also VANGUARD AWARD RECIPIENTS... in addition to supermodel and star on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Miss Cynthia Bailey: She shared her eyewear --- and lots of generous, connected time --- with everyone. LOVED hanging with her this weekend. THE KIDS LOVE CYNTHIA BAILEY!

Also there were wonderful HIV/AIDS awareness panels – one featuring my friend Marco Benjamin with the Aids Healthcare Foundation. There were also many authors in the mix including Sundiata Alaye whose book "Empty Promises Private Pain: A Light Out of Darkness" is winner of James Baldwin Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in the Arts

I don’t want to forget anyone, but let me take a stab at  sharing with you who was in the house: Wendell James (“Raising Whitley”); THE VIEW’s Raven Symone accompanied EMPIRE and AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL’s own Azmarie Livingston; Ariane Davis (“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”); my friend Clay Cane who presented his documentary “Holler if You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church”; Juan & Gee (Power Couple/Love Works/The Gentlemen's Ball); Torrei Hart (Actress & Reality TV Star/Hollywood Ex's ATL); Melli B, out hip hop artist; Sampson McCormick, Stand Up Comedian.Writer.Activist; MJ Harris (Co-Founder & Vice President-The Hurston Group); CoachG - Health & Fitness Expert; Alain Fagnidi, Celebrity & Intl. Lifestyle Brand Designer; Chef Will Brown (TV Network Personality); Sundiata Alaye (“Empty Promises Private Pain "A Light Out of Darkness"”); Rashad Burgess (Gliead Sciences, Inc.); playwright and actor Daniel Beatty; etc.

My childhood BFF Ernest joined me after Ant couldn’t make it due to a family emergency. We enjoyed the company of Moe Dee; Ashley; and so many others. And when Sabrina Coleman wasn’t juggling her many balls as publicist of Frenchie Davis and XScape PR or her production/script writing duties for The Vanguard Awards or the Opening Night party for which she produced me, we all got several much-needed doses of fun and relaxation, which – even with rungs of resort hiccups – couldn’t make our time at XScape PR anything short of a OPRAH-LEGENDS-WEEKEND-style LOVE FEST! LOVE YOU ALL…and see you NEXT YEAR!

DISNEY on Broadway

“Can I tell you the way that Disney does it? There’s something for everyone. Shows like Aladdin and The Lion King get us in touch with our inner child.” That’s what I told the hosts at Arise Entertainment 360 a couple of years ago on my former, recurring theater segment: : . Since Ant and I met on Broadway almost 11 years ago at Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple and I’m always waxing theatrical on some platform, the PR folks with these shows asked LIFE OF RILEY to return and – via blast – to underscore that any of Disney’s Broadway fare is a swell date night in addition to being a kid-friendly experience. Take some time to re-experience these amazing productions and each other on a DISNEY ON BROADWAY DATE TWO favorites (among many) are in these two Great White Way productions ALADDIN has Clifton Davis (whose LIFE AFTER on TV ONE is among the shows on which I appeared as pop culture analyst) As always, THANK YOU for keeping up with LIFE OF and THE LION KING has Morehouse brother RUSSELL BROWN, a Broadway veteran, in it. BRAVO TO ALL! As Ant and I were en route to the earlier curtain of 7p, we happened upon “Wicked” co-star Peter Scolari who I got the chance to interview a year or so ago for recurring client OWN-TV’s “Oprah, Where Are They Now?”: and then from Broadway’s “Shuffle Along”, we happened upon tap star Savion Glover and director George C. Wolfe – both Broadway babies! I also got to recently interview multi-Tony-award-winning “Shuffle Along” star Audra McDonald for #WhereAreTheyNow - #broadway #arise360 #aladdinonbroadway#thelionkingonbroadway #BazanPR#TheColorPurple #OprahWinfrey #Oprah#allstarkaraoke #billiesblack #DisneyOnBroadway