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the happy hour talk show episode one 040819

It's HAPPY HOUR TIME! Y'all seen episode one of @thehappyhourtalkshow yet? 

1. on You Tube: https://youtu.be/yKmJVXsocUY

2. on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2194286930837015

3. Also AVAILABLE to view on VIMEO andwww.AnthonyKen.com

4. FOLLOW US on IG as well: @thehappyhourtalkshow

MUCH LOVE TO ALL! MEANWHILE: Spring 2019 book tour for "Thats What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" is in motion:

a. Richmond, VA was on FIRE! Love Virginia Union University and BND Institute! Great symposium! Sold out book-signing!

b. Next up, Dallas, TX - Sat, May 4th. TO MY DALLAS PEEPS: Please feel free to order your copy from Amazon, B&N, or where all books are sold... and come let me sign at TBAAL's RoundtableWriter's Breakfast at 10:00 AM. Tbaal Room T 314 1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX. I'llsell on site while supplies last...and WILL SIGN ALL!

c. Join us Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-28th in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Only 8 remaining all inclusive music festival packages before we are sold out. The ultimate LGBT Family Reunion Celebration. www.LGBTMUSICFEST.COM

As always, THANKS for your support! AND PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! Patrick #LifeofRiley 

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