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As you know, I am an independent producer/talent/writer here in NYC.  patrickheadshot2.jpg

In addition to continuing with my busy workload and current independent contracts, I launched the blog, "The Life of Riley: pop culture and possibilities", a couple of weeks ago: http://thelifeofriley.squarespace.com/ .

And the response has been overwhelming. TODAY, we are featured in NEWSDAY in a column that Katti Gray wrote.  katti.jpg It looks at blogging through her filter, but to my estimation, celebrates "The Life of Riley" at the same time.

As I look ahead to my 36th birthday (on November 19th) and Thanksgiving, I seem to always have the media around (this month) to remind me that I am on a journey to spread authenticity, vulnerability, love, understanding, and panache to whoever chooses to listen.

For about five years now, it seems a media impression that reflects my truth pops up annually in November. A few years back, it seems a media impression that reflects my truth pops up annually - mostly in November. A few years back, you'll perhaps recall Newsday's GRATITUDE column and after that, there was a story on REALITY TV that chronicled a show I hosted for TLC a couple of years ago. And last year, I told millions on national TV 'when I knew I was gay'. And Newsday also covered a promising pilot I co-hosted a couple of years ago. 

Well, it's another year... another time to reflect... another time to be grateful... and another time to explore one of the tiers of my truth in hopes that it will touch somebody who's working through their own piece or who is open to inform and shift their thoughts and beliefs. And now, you can go to "The Life of Riley" any day you choose and hopefully be entertained and inspired.

As "The Life of Riley" goes, we will soon launch some other cool things - like podcasts, a website, and down the line, TV and magazine projects around the brand. So, stay tuned.

And please pick up Monday's NEWSDAY:






Out of all my most intimate friends, Patrick Riley has an unrivaled sense of color and charm. He’s a towering, lanky guy, given to gliding through the front door at a party, his right hand aloft and waving like a beauty queen’s. patricknewday.jpg

“It’s a new day,” Patrick will shout above the din, making his glad presence known as he quotes Diana Ross, his favorite celebrity. A freelance television producer, Patrick has had more access to her than the average person, even got front-row seats once to her extra-lustrous concert in Greenwich, Conn. freeconcert.jpgHe has transmitted, via e-mail, to a chosen few of his confidanes several photos taken as the diva straightened hems and patted cheeks at one of her daughters' weddings. 

These shared chronicles from his private life do not end there. He’s transmitted pictures of his nephew’s graduation, his father’s retirement dinner, his solo singing at an assortment of out-of-town events, his interview of President Clinton, his much-older cousin working it on the dance floor at a family picnic. He writes words to accompany them all, and sometimes sends only his written musings, with no photos attached. rileyboys.jpgpatrickperforms.jpg

Not surprisingly, Patrick recently became the first among my select few intimates to start blogging, which piques my curiosity. “It’s not so different from jotting down an e-mail, as I’ve done for so many years,” Patrick said.

“Nice, looooong e-mails,” I interjected.

“Yes, nice long ones, real stream-of-consciousness,” Patrick said. “And you don’t have to be at a very high level, in terms of the writing, to do this.”

That’s for sure, I thought to myself, what with anybody who can type free to blog (though Patrick is a very able writer). Image001.jpg

Still, neither having the time nor inclination to read most of what my e-mail inbox receives from him several times a week – if not per day – I’ve opened only a few of his missives over the years. “Dropping It Like It’s Hot,” the picture of Patrick’s dancing cousin, accompanied by a scant description, took the edge off a stressed-out workday recently. And in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Patrick’s reflections on being single and far, far away from his kin as his adopted city burned ended up getting published in a magazine.

Though he announced the debut of “Life of Riley,” his blog, with another e-mail, I’ve yet to log into the 3-week-old venture, if it can be called that. The launch is made possible by free 60-day trial at an Internet site specializing in blog-hosting. “In case this isn’t for me,” Patrick said.

Another friend in his circle, a woman who works in advertising and marketing and came of age digitally, held on to a mountain of e-mails Patrick has sent over the years. Some inner voice told her, Tawanna “Tata” Matthews said, that Patrick had stocked enough e-mail missives to launch a blog, podcast, something techno and easily accessible that also might raise his profile. A freelancer is always beating the pavement for work. tataandpatrick.jpg

“Twenty-four hours later, we were up and running," Patrick said. "It’s that easy. Tata reminded me that I’ve written stuff that made people laugh and made them cry, and that your blog should pretty much say who you are.”

Blogging is a tool for growing his personal brand, he said, and a place to readily deposit random musings he’d like to share but for which he’s no more formal outlet as yet.

“Me, an African-American from Savannah , Ga. , took my boyfriend home to meet my family,” said Patrick, citing an example of those slapdash musings. “That was a huge stretch for me in my struggle to be out as a gay person … I wanted them to see what love looks like on me.”

That seems, to me, a topic that merits being aired in a more reputable, established arena than the blogosphere, which is open to anyone and, for that reason, resistable. Is blogging essential? Is that what it takes to be a contender these days?

Patrick wants to hear my impressions of this latest undertaking. I’ve promised to take a look-see as soon as I’ve the time and wherewithal. But I’d much rather discuss his adventures face-to-face, than in front of an ever-consuming computer.

Katti Gray’s e-mail address is katti@kattigray.com .

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