dianaonidol2.jpgDid you see my Diana on "American Idol" last week? What an EVENT! Her coaching with the kids was spot on and though some might deem her performance a little pitchy, she definitely demonstrated what it is to be a SUPERSTAR for any of the contestants who wish for longevity! Let's see them at 63, right? Well, so much has been said about the show(s), I'll just let it all speak for itself. But it's great to see La Ross back on the airwaves and to be exclaiming ENDLESS LOVE ("More Today Than Yesterday") and its healing message all over the world. dianaonidol4.jpg

Meanwhile, LOVE was all around as MOMENTUM EDUCATION graduated its March BASIC class (www.momentumeducation.com), including my Anthony. As I've written in past entries, this life work has been such an integral part of my life since my late beloved Kodjoe introduced the work to me back in 2004. My Anthony, who has just moved here to the east coast to start his (and our) life anew, chose to take the course for power pieces on which he'd like to build. anthonyandpatrickatbasic1.bmpAnd on the heels of the four days, he says he experienced some breakthroughs that will allow him to take some BOLD stands for himself, his career, and us. It's powerful work. Tata joined us for the celebration as well as many of our Kodjoe scholars - including Yvette and D'Ambrose, who took many of these pictures. dambroserodgerpatrickanthonytata.bmpAfterwards, we went to Dos Caminos (www.brguestrestaurants.com/) to celebrate and to look forward to Anthony's next BOLD STEPS in his life. I STAND for him and each and everyone of his POSSIBILITIES. CONGRATS BOO!  anthonyandpatrickatdoscaminos.bmp

Last week, I also got the chance to spend some time with my good friend Michelle Hord and her fiance Neil G. White, who had a love-filled book party for his new tome of poetry "WORDED THOUGHTS" (iuniverse - www.iuniverse.com). neilandmichelle.jpgIt took place at Citrus Bar and Grill (www.citrusnyc.com/) on Amsterdam (across from Shark Bar). The picture above (with five people in it) includes a shot of Rodger (2nd from left), a friend of Michelle's who also did the MOMENTUM work this past weekend. Though she's not taken the work, Michelle was instrumental in getting Rodger into the class. Michelle and Kodjoe were best friends. He introduced the work to us both around the same time. Michelle recommended Rodger who signed up for the BASIC and ADVANCE back in 2004. Since that time, however, he had still not taken it. Now that he's poised to leave town and start a new life and career down south, he wanted to two years later fulfill this investment he'd made. Ironically, he did step one of the process in the same space as my Anthony. No coincidences! Meanwhile, as Rodger and Anthony were doing the work, Neil, whose book cover is designed by Rodger, was hosting a room full of love, music, and good food. patrickandia.jpgMichelle has had a knack for throwing some great parties over the years. At those sets, all of her wonderful friends come together. As she is so busy these days with her career and planning the ultimate party - her wedding to Neil later this year, many in her crew haven't had the chance to be under the same roof in a while. It was so good to see everybody and to be gathered in the spirit of something new and exciting in the literary world. patrickamidstwordedthoughts.jpgI'M SO PROUD OF MY FRIENDS who are out there BEING THEIR DIFFERENCE! It's EXCITING!Meanwhile, I am taking each day at a time. Two weeks since Anthony has moved in, things are going well. There are clearly adjustments, but we are identifying them as best we can and working through them. As the distinctions between 'my life' and 'the life of riley' go, I will likely not be going so far as to detail every play-by-play in our daily love life, but in testifying the breakthroughs and the moments that can inspire, I will share and keep you posted on what is working and not working and how we are managing to BE A STAND for each other... IN LOVE! dianaonidol5.jpgThat message, like MY DIANA and the love she expresses to the world - most recently demonstrated on "American Idol" - can never be said enough, shared enough, and experienced enough. NEVER TOO MUCH!  antandpat.bmp"Everyday's a new day. Every time I love you..."

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