rosieodonnell.jpgEverybody is still abuzz with Rosie O'Donnell's news that she's leaving "THE VIEW" after just a year. I'm a bit indifferent, I must say, but I will miss the lesbian/gay presence on the panel - even if it shows up a bit off-center and angry when she sometimes charges after people half-cocked and half-baked inside of her criticisms (READ: Kelly Ripa and Clay Aiken). Well, it turns out that Rosie is featured in the upcoming "TIME" Magazine as one of its "100 most influential people". The criteria are people "who helped dictate international dialogue". The article reads: "Rosie O'Donnell. The TV host who loves to fight". Barbara Walters actually wrote the article.

With that, someone may soon be commenting on the "gay" who was booked on "Our World with Black Enterprise" hosted by Ed Gordon. The "gay" would be me. And my Amazing Grace Nichole Shellman is a talent coordinator for the show. Inside of her mission to beef up her bookings for "Our World" and in her support of the tier of my branding that is a "personality/pop culture analyst", she asked me to join Ed, author Cora Daniels, and political consultant Walter Fields for a roundtable that was designed around author Cora Daniels' book "Ghettonation" (www.coradaniels.com/). 012_12.JPGIn the book, Cora argues that we have become a nation -- white and black -- with a "ghetto" mentality defined by living for the moment, brazen bling, sexual irresponsibility and perpetual adolescence. Daniels sees this destructive, superficial attitude founded on the most racist notion of what black "means" especially damaging for the black community. And we all went there and talked about it - openly and honestly. We too looked at other related issues. At times, I felt like I was putting my foot in my mouth (and my Nichole says she was right there with me, but from the control room). Still, I know I spoke honestly and in the moment... and in the words of Aunt Esther from "Sanford and Son", "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE". You must tune in when it airs on Sunday, May 26th. Check your local listings as it's nationally syndicated. (www.ourworld.blackenterprise.com/ ) Also, it airs on TV One. (www.tvoneonline.com/)gordon1.jpg Let me know your thoughts.

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