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for one for all


ONE AFTERNOON ONLY! An ALL STAR KARAOKE at MIST Harlem! SPREAD THE WORD AND SAVE THE DATE! LINK: www.eventbrite.com/e/mist-harlem-presents-all-star-karaoke-and-brunch-with-patrick-riley-tickets-19319414890. WILL LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING Y'ALL IN THE HOUSE for our MIST special and ONE of my bday fetes (of course, we'll also celebrate at Billie's Black presents All Star Karaoke with Patrick L. Riley the prior Tuesday 11/17 and you don't want to miss that one as some famous friends may pop by. Make your reservations at Billie's Black Gourmet Soul. The bday itself is 11/19! WHEW! LOL! AS ALWAYS, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Two-time NBA Champ Josh Powell (most recently an assistant coach for the Houston Rockets) was in town shooting VH1s Black Ink. He wanted to stop by All Star Karaoke tonight… and did! He even sang The Boss with me! Lol! #allstarkaraoke #billiesblack #joshpowell





I TOLD YOU WE NEVER KNOW WHO WILL POP BY! Please come join us! We have 8 MORE TUESDAYS through the end of the year! Reservations are highly recommended: 212 280 2248: http://thelifeofriley.squarespace.com/rilys-blog/. Miss Jessie's is back among our sponsors! And as #missjessies CEO and CO-FOUNDER MIKO BRANCH did last season in promotion of her book Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch-Naturally (Amistad; Hardcover; $24.99): https://invalid.invalid/RL-EqYvCAeI, we hope you will come SING your FAVORITES with us, ENJOY cocktail specials and tasty soul food, and NETWORK with a ROOM FULL of FABULOUS FOLKS! SEASON 4 is - in part - POWERED by ALL STAR KARAOKE PLATINUM PATRON Mr. Reginald Van Lee…and more and more partners are coming through – including Kehinde Wiley documentary Executive Producer Lamar Johnson and new spirits sponsor William Wolf: http://thinklikeawolf.com/. Special shout out to Koran Thomas. WE THANK THEM and all of you who continue to be such a support! And Riley/Land Gourmet Pantry via Joseph Riley Land is back IN THE HOUSE - literally as the critically-acclaimed pantry has taken up semi-permanent space in the back of Billie’s Black. Gift certificates to purchase #rileyland products will be raffled. Plus, look for Riley/Land inside our ALL STAR KARAOKE signature cocktails (Riley/Land-curated mixers that will also be in stock for sale. Stay tuned!). Would LOVE TO SEE YOU some Tuesday - really soon! Let us know if you want to use ALL STAR KARAOKE as a back-drop to promote or present any of your projects inside an intimate but power-filled room of taste-makers and top talent! PLEASE TELL YOUR PEEPS...and SHARE!#BILLIESBLACK#ALLSTARKARAOKE#MOTOWNMAY #StockYourPantry #HarlemEats #missjessiesbook #iammissjessies #Legacy of #TitiBranch  #williamwolf  #thinklikeawolf #21REASONS #JP21REASONS


What a JOY it has been to host the WELLS FARGO PRESENTS THE ADVOCATE MONEY MINUTE – a six-part video series in which Wells Fargo Financial Experts provide financial wellness tips through the LGBTQ lens. In our last episode of the season, Matt & Rick learn how to effectively pay off student loan debt while saving for other investments: http://www.advocate.com/advocate-money-minute/2015/10/23/paying-student-loans-matt-rick. Shout out to all of you for your support. See the whole season and last season (which I also co-hosted) here:  www.advocate.com/advocate-money-minute. #WELLSFARGO #MONEYMINUTE #ADVOCATE


CALL ME RASTA RILEY aka The Grinch that SHUT HALLOWEEN DOWN! LOL! CALL Anthony Harper #lusciouslyons from #empire. And LOOK WHO'S IN TOWN FOR #HALLOWEEN2015 Onlyone Camille, our BELOVED!!!! And Melody Vaughn - from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams HOSTED US WELL! HAPPY HARLEM-WEEN! XOXOXO


Surely, you’ve all noticed my Incredible Shrinking Man: ANT! Well, now I can say that he’s featured in the ‪#‎CIZE infomercial which chronicles the story of he and the many who participated with the great Shaun T to transform and start their journey to a new WAY! Ant is currently 70 pounds down… and counting! He THANKS ALL OF YOU for your  motivation and support! I'M SO PROUD OF ANT! LOVE YOU, BABE! #CIZEOPPORTUNITY

Where are my up and coming funny people? Do you do improv? Are you starting to do stand-up? Do you LOVE POP CULTURE! If you do...and want an unpaid, but high-visibility, opportunity to be on TV, I'd just need 20 minutes or less of your time on the couple of days a month through July that I'll be shooting. For more info, please email me...and I can tell you more...: patarack@hotmail.com. THANKS FOLKS!

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