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full plate

all star karaoke

We never know who will pop by – so please come out and EXPERIENCE Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley at Billie's Black Gourmet Soul. EVERY TUESDAY. 7P to 10p. RESERVATIONS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 212.280.2248. We're up until MID-JULY 2015!#billiesblack#allstarkaraoke #motownmay

Trying to maintain my CALM and SANITY amidst a perfect storm of LOTS OF PROJECTS and BOOKINGS…. LOTS OF PENDING ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES… LOTS OF TO-Dos…. LOTS OF PROJECTS TO WORK ON…. LOTS OF ISSUES TO WORK THROUGH.  AND ON TOP OF THAT? POP CULTURE and POSSIBILITIES are on FIRE! Another JUSSIE SMOLETT run-in on the streets of NEW YORK CITY(OMG!!!! LOL!)! My heart keeps dropping! LOL! And he's always THE NICEST! LOOKING FORWARD TO "EMPIRE" - SEASON TWO! After just interviewing him at Aretha Franklin's bday party, did CLIVE DAVIS just happen into Harlem’s Cheri as we all gathered for my NABJ buddy Brian Henderson’s birthday party? Running into him has become a regular thing! LOL! AND WAIT! Did everybody see ALL OF QUEEN LATIFAH in the BRILLIANT “BESSIE”? AND DID SOMEBODY SAY JANET JACKSON IS COMING OUT WITH NEW MUSIC AND A WORLD TOUR!???? And is that an invite to Insanity’s own SHAUN T’s birthday party? WHEW! OH! I just wrapped working with recurring client BET on a 35-YEAR tribute that ran at The Paley Center tribute to African Americans in Entertainment last week at Cipriani. Also, I am doing a week of guest co-hosting at ARISE 360 this week. YOU can watch (and me from time to time) - now on Time Warner, Verizon Fios, and On Demand via www.YouTube.com/AriseENT360. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! #arise360 #allstarkaraoke#billiesblack  #maintaining sanity

black men can

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jtxlszLraw&feature=youtu.be.   Thanks to Founder and CEO of Learningateway Education, Candis Best, for an invitation to participate in a celebration of Black males headed to college in 2015. This interactive event allowed other esteemed panelists and me to share experiences and insights to Black males committed to obtaining a college degree. #rmgsigningday. For more information on how you can get involved: www.learningateway.com/rmg. Special shout out to my dear friend Kelly J Welborn and her team at www.idreamspeakers.com  for their care in managing this booking for me! AS ALWAYS, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT… and PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to remind our young brothers that BLACK MEN CAN… and do…GRADUATE!


Shaun T and Ryan Tarpley

Shout out to Harlem's own SUPER-producer Musa Jackson for invite to Shaun T aka Shaun Thompson and Ryan Tarpley's Harlem BDAY set at Gin Fizz - guests including Ernest Maynor, Anthony Harper, Derrick Hemphill, Jamar Dunn, Savoy Walker, Mark A Forrest, Wardell Malloy, Angelique Miles, Morehouse brother UPTOWN Magazine Editor in Chief Isoul Harris; GLAAD-award-winning Monifah Carter and Terez Mychelle; Bravo Fashion Queens Bevy Smith - host and muse for the FAB gathering; iconic LABELLE diva Nona Hendryx; and more! PLUS in the house: Empire's own Jussie Smollett! We'll all soon gather at Billie's Black Gourmet Soul for Billie's Black presents All Star Karaoke with Patrick L. Riley. #billiesblack#allstarkaraoke #motownmay


Harlem on my Plate

Thanks to Perspective PR’s Joseph Babineaux and his team for coming by Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley this past Tuesday! Fun TIMES! And as the video I produced for recurring client BET played at Cipriani Wall Street for The Paley Center’s TRIBUTE to BET’s 35 years and – in general - African Americans in TV, I accepted Joseph’s invite to attend the world premiere screening of the new documentary short film, Harlem on My Plate, written, directed and produced by Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead of Powerhouse Productions. This amazing project, celebrating Harlem's rich culinary history, is presented by Citi in partnership with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. FUN ROOM! GOOD FOOD! Anthony Harper, Derrick Hemphill, and I attended… and were excited to see our Harlem fam – including my BFF/NAACP Image Award winning producer (“Free Angela”), Sidra Smith; Patrik-Ian Polk(whose Blackbird (2014 film) has a few more days to be seen on the big screen. Just today at 4p in NYC at AMC 23); Grammy divo Gordon Chambers; Bumble & Bumble creative exec Dwight Allen O'Neal; art connoisseur; creative consultant; designer; and comedian Rahsaan Gandy; TV Chef Mark Anthony Bailey; and a host of others – out to enjoy this project; food from Harlem’s The Cecil and Melba’s Restaurant; and host with the most: Miss Bevy Smith, Founder of “Dinner with Bevy” and HOST of Bravo’s Fashion Queens. #billiesblack #allstarkaraoke #motownmay


Out with the BOYZ for Mario Ephriam's Thursday night Harlem Happy Hour event: Nabe Underground - Nabe Harlem - including my NYC fam: my Ant; Derrick Hemphill; Jamar Dunn; Jason Johnson; Randall Isaacs; and more! We'll all be at Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley! #allstarkaraoke#billiesblack #motownmay

Brian bday

Shout out to friend Nikita Stewart Henderson for inviting Ant, his Denver buddy Justin, and me out for her husband/my NABJ BFF Brian Henderson's BDAY set which took place at Harlem's Cheri - including a fun guest list of friends - including Proteus Spann, responsible for the staging of E Lynn Harris' "Invisible Life" at The Apollo in June; my Morehouse brother/fellow pop culture expert George Alexander; "Motown the Musical"s own dance diva Dionne Dadrinelle Figgins; Project1Voice Founder Erich McMillan; and - guess who happened upon Cheri? THE Clive Davis whose high school program Brian's step-daughter Ella just completed at NYU and my BFF Sidra Smith happened in too! Happy Birthday, Brian!

Another great week of ALL STAR KARAOKE

WEEK THREE of Billie's Black presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley TOTALLY ROCKED! Our ALL STAR KARAOKE FAITHFULs came out in FULL FORCE! Thanks to FRIENDS – including celebrity hairstylist (Kerry Washington; Jada Pinkett Smith) Carla Bone; #theboss choir director Mario Ephriam - https://www.facebook.com/billiesblack/videos/vb.1172177040/10205233579177007/?type=3&theater;  Broadway writer Ephriam Walker (http://broadwayblack.com/author/ephraim-walker/); Monifah’s management and marketing team from SavvyMarketing Entertainment Group LLc: Savoy Walker, Mark A Forrest, Ulysses Carter, Cynna Gorham, et al! My Spelman sister Adrianne C. Smith ( Southern Chefs Executive Producer and Host); platonic boo Carl Nelson (Producer, Drums Along The Hudson -Inwood Park which is Sunday, June 14th here in NYC. I'm hosting the afternoon stage alongside Mara Schiavocampo at Drums Along the Hudson): : https://youtu.be/UGOqHhjbZ3k; MAKEUP by MERRELL’s own Merrell Hollis (working a FAB cover today – STAY TUNED!); Perspective PR’s own Joseph Babineaux; #motownmay GRAND FINALE WINNER/singer Husain Mello Deas Williams; Jamar Dunn; Musa Jackson; Ry Tarpley; Angelique Miles; and filmmaker extraordinaire Andre Robert Lee who is responsible for introducing Miko Branch to me, hence Miss Jessie's is our weekly sponsor! Always great to have Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch-Naturallyin the house! Well, folks! We’re up every Tuesday from 7p-10p --- through mid-July. We never know who will pop by – so please come out and EXPERIENCE Billie's Black Gourmet Soul presents ALL STAR KARAOKE with Patrick L. Riley. RESERVATIONS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 212.280.2248.#billiesblack#allstarkaraoke #motownmay

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