I am in Chicago now and can't believe my Itika is nowhere to be found. Well, not exactly nowhere to be found. She's just not here. With that, my social calendar is solely falling on our Chicago Carl's shoulders (with a little help and lots of LOVE from my friends Jakki and Lesia... and a new "girlfriend" named Angelica [READ ON]).

6-20-2007-06.jpgLast night, after my work, Carl and I went to the Kit Kat Lounge (http://www.kitkatchicago.com/) in Boy's Town. While we dined and had a cocktail or two, camp classic bio-pic about Joan Crawford, "Mommie Dearest", played on the big screens. Inspired by the bold diva-ness of it all, Carl and I called our good girlfriend Lesia, who threw on her stilletos to join us while we enjoyed the entertainment of one MISS ANGELICA ANGEL ROSS, a drag queen (but you wouldn't know it...). 6-20-2007-02.jpgI am not the biggest fan of drag queens, though I respect the medium of entertainment (and have grown to receive it as such). But let me tell you MISS ANGELICA is single-handedly responsible for my elevated appreciation for the craft. She was such an entertainer. Such a performer. Such an artist. Her first performance was as Deena Jones (I was EFFIE. SMILE!). She did "Dreamgirls". Then, she changed and did a brilliant rendition (lip-sync) of a woman doing Stevie Wonder (but in a wig just like Diana's "Mahogany" wig in the cream jersey dress, after she sells her first 'kabuki'-inspired design to Christian. That alone had me sold). But she had more performing to do. There was Gwen Stefani (in blonde, stylized wig to boot). 6-20-2007-04.jpgThere was Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" followed by a within-the-last-decade version of Whitney doing "I Will Always Love You" live (coupled with a schtick in which "Whitney" goes backstage for a bump of cocaine to come back to stage newly energized and dramatic for the song's touch-and-go finish). Then, channeling her Toni Braxton, she did "Breathe" (from 'Libra", the current album) and "Spanish Guitar" in a one-piece bathing suit. Each gesture, pronunciation, and movement? FLAWLESS! I did some research and uncovered that Angelica is no stranger to the entertainment Industry (http://www.myspace.com/angelicaross). 


According to the Kit Kat website: "... she has been stunning crowds with her illusions of female impersonations for six years, perfecting characters such as Brandy, Toni Braxton, and Whitney Houston, as well as her showstopping broadway numbers.  Angelica has been in musical theatre for more than 11yrs, playing lead roles in Fame, West Side Story, Grease, The Life, Anything Goes, Guys & Dolls, The Wiz. and many many more.  Angelica has also done many commercials, high fashion runway shows, and modeling in various print ads.  Ms. Ross' lastest accomplishments include a principal role in the Italian Box Office Hit "Natale a Miami" (Christmas in Miami), an appearance on "Ham on the Street" on the food network, an appearance on UPN's "South Beach", and being the Diva she is on the reality show "Instant Beauty Pageant" scheduled to air in late June on the Style Network.  Angelica is also pursuing her bachelor's degree in Theatre at Columbia College Chicago with an emphasis in acting.... " YOU GO, GIRL! (or BOY!) or GIRL! or whatever... you are FABULOUS!!!!!!

6-20-2007-05.jpgShe was so FABULOUS, Carl, Lesia, and I met up with Jakki this morning at YOLK for brunch and we're still talking about it. (www.thatsdlicious.com)

Likely, when we all regather tonight for dinner (LOCATION TBD), we'll continue to sing ANGELICA's praises. TI-TI WHO? (Just kidding! Hurray back though. ANGELICA is coming in for the kill). SMILE!

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