NICHOLE%20PARTY%20ANT%20PAT%20CJ%20ERN.jpgWell, with the holidays here, there’s lots to CELEBRATE. And Anthony and I are doing what we can to be in that spirit. My “Amazing Grace” Nichole held a lovely Christmas party at her New Rochelle home. Her good girlfriend Dee Dee McGuire (of “Doug Banks and Dee Dee McGuire” show fame - www.dougbanksshow.com/ ) flew in from Dallas for the occasion. NICHOLE%20PARTY%20NIC%20DEDE.jpgDee Dee's sister Resa popped up from Atlantic City. The usual suspects from New Rochelle were in the house – from Michelle to Monica to Cynthia. Then, those of us who don’t mind taking the schlep i.e. Dawn, Melony, Ern, Ant, CJ, and me joined in the fun. Etc… and we ate from her delicious menu. She made sure to have chambord for my champagne. All in all, Nichole was the most gracious host. Dee Dee brought a book that allowed us to bond more closely. It’s titled Ever Wonder: Ask Questions and Live into the Answers (Hardcover) by Kobi Yamade (http://www.amazon.com/Ever-Wonder-Questions-Live-Answers/dp/1888387556). It challenged us all to look at our lives and what we really think at the beginning and end of the day. It inspired some vulnerable and awesome sharing. THANKS DEE DEE!NICHOLE%20PARTY%20THE%20LADIES.jpg

My boy DIAZ just celebrated his birthday (He recently thanked me for hipping him to LATINO ROYALTY on the BLOG - www.latinoroyalty.com/ - though it was really Anthony who bought me the gift that I referenced. Here I am sporting it at Maroon's [www.maroonsnyc.com], my friend Mitchell's Caribbean and Soul Food Restaurant.). MAROONZ%20PAT%20AND%20MITHCELL.jpgLocation? OF COURSE, the DREAM HOTEL ( www.dreamny.com/ ), Anthony’s and my favorite. Most specifically, the rooftop, AVA LOUNGE, housed his celebration. DIAZ%20TIMES%20SQUARE%20VIEW.jpgDIAZ was dressed in "latino royalty" down. DIAZ%20PARTY%20ANT%20DIAZ%20PAT.jpgWe spent most of our time chatting up hair-and-make-up artist for the stars (currently on “The Color Purple”) Sabrena Armstrong. DIAZ%20SABRENA%20ANT.jpgShe’s worked with some of the greats in dance music – from CeCe Penniston to Robin S. And Sabrina, herself, is quite the character and a hoot. We uncovered that we have several friends and associates in common, including my Carl Nelson. We had a good time with her. DIAZ%20PAT%20AND%20SABRENA.jpg

MEANWHILE, one of the production crews with which I work include two of my favorites in the business Keith Walker and Alan Chow ( www.mediaprocess.com/ ). Anthony and I took them to grab a bite at one of Harlem’s soul food staples “Spoonbread” which also does catering and event planning (www.spoonbreadinc.com). President Norma Jean Darden came out and extended her hospitality to us. SPOONBREAD%20PAT%20NORMA%20JEAN.jpgBut the food – as always – ensured we would be coming back for more – from the spoonbread to the fried catfish to the chicken to the collard greens, etc. OH MY!!!!

ALSO CELEBRATING: PARTY%20NIKOA%20AND%20GARRETT.jpgMy friend Nikoa – one-third of the owners at my favorite boutique N HARLEM (www. nharlemnewyork.com/ ) and her fiancé Garrett. They are soon to marry and brought us all together to celebrate that fact at Zanzibar ( www.zanzibarnyc.com ). PARTY%20NIKOA%20AND%20GARRETT%20ET%20AL2.jpgTheir families and friends and co-workers were present and ready to party! We had a lovely time and look forward to more good news from them in 2008.PARTY%20NIKOA%20AND%20GARRETT%20ET%20AL1.jpg

CELEBRATING EVEN MORE (over lunch), I got the chance to hang out with my good, Chicago-based girlfriend Ki-Ki who was in town for the holidays. I met her at the showroom and design space for LAFAYETTE 148 (www.lafayette148.com). Chief designer Edward Wilkerson gave us a sneak peek at Fall 2008, which he’ll go on the road to present to his clients all over the nation (while most designers will be presenting shows under the white tents during Fashion Week). After Ki-Ki tried on a few pieces (all stunning), we traipsed through SOHO by foot to our lunch destination. Before we could get there, I ran into my buddy Ryan who is an actor/improv guy who too works in the fashion world. ALWAYS GOOD TO SEE RYAN! SOHO%20PAT%20AND%20RYAN.jpgThen, Ki-Ki, Edward, King Yap Chong (public relations/events manager for LAFAYETTE 148), and I went to the former-Canteen which is now LURE (www.LUREFISHBAR.com).SOHO%20ED%20PAT%20JAKKI%20KING.jpg We enjoyed some great seafood. I got the fried seafood platter and it was so good! But the company was even better as Edward and I realized we had the SCORPIO sign in common. We had a blast!SOHO%20EDWARD%20PATRICK.jpg

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