Even though there are challenges in the job market, the parties continue. As long as Ant and I can be creative to get to these sets, it's cool to take our minds off of our troubles and to network accordingly. More than a cocktail, we truly are spinning our wheels to attract some more work our way... in our industry of choice. And a photo-op with legendary supermodel Iman (www.imancosmetics.com) doesn't hurt. Though she tried not to get caught up in a web of endless pix, she couldn't deny me as I have interviewed her several times and we've worked together blissfully on a couple of occasions. Nathan Hale Williams (www.nathanhalewilliams.com/) and Crystal McCreary Anthony co-Executive Produce along with BET-J exec Sean Johnson (www.bet.com/ontv/betjshows) "Real Life Divas" (www.bet.com/OnTV/BETJShows/reallifedivas/), which is celebrating its 2nd season on BETJ at Merkato 55 (www.merkato55nyc.com/) with an array of industry players - including Bethann Hardison - and other dear friends - including my Terri Bowles and her husband Alvin who is a BET exec as well. It's always a pleasure to see The Bowles. You'll recall, Terri and I are a part of a dinner group that we call The Pentavaurate.  Remember Taimak from ‘Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon"'? Well, he was there. Also, Jeff Johnson of BET's "The Truth with Jeff Johnson" ( Author and TV producer Adrienne Lopez was in the house along with my good girlfriend Z100 radio personality Shelley Wade with whom I've done an "American Idol" DIVA Chat or two over the last year (http://zzone.z100.com/shelley/blog/2008/05/14/jason_castro__idol_chat or



http://zzone.z100.com/shelley/blog/2008/04/30/idol_diva_chat). She was gracious to get Ant and me home to Jersey as she lives in our parts as well. EBONY Creative Director Harriette Cole (www.ebony.com/) was there. And Ern's good friend Anne Marie Stripling who heads up video promotions at Zomba (www.zombalabelgroup.com/) was there and got the chance to finally meet  Ant and ‘my Theo' as they all have Denver roots in common.

Also, my buddies Karu Daniels (www.blackvoices.com/blogs/bloggers/karu-f-daniels) and Kevin-Anthony (www.b2productions.xbuild.com or www.myspace.com/b2bookings or www.myspacec.om/sambucca18) were there. Kevin-Anthony is hosting the return of his "Black 2: Broadway" franchise tomorrow. It's an exclusive event celebrating the contributions of performers of color in the arts. Celebrting the life and work of Broadway Veterans BJ Crosby & Adrian Bailey, this beautiful evening will feature performances by Broadway's Chuck Cooper, Marva Hicks, Ebony Jo-Ann, Tina Fabrique, Alyson Williams, The Broadway Boys, Victor Trent Cook, and many more at The Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture located in Harlem (www.nypl.org).

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