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Hi folks,

LIFE OF RILEY is über excited to introduce you to Tank & The Bangas, the funky new band from New Orleans – one of the most original, energetic and smart bands on the music scene today. They go hard! See them at Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday, January 16 at 7 PM. Tickets: http://bit.ly/tank_tickets.The lead singer, Tarriona “Tank” Ball, who layers her titanium voice over whimsical and soulful compositions, blew me away.  A Tank & The Bangas concert goes from heart-felt, sunken words to spoken word to front row at a rock concert. It’s an experience fans can only describe as "the best rollercoaster I've ever been on." 

Video links below...


Crazy http://bit.ly/crazy_tank

Boxes & Squares - http://bit.ly/boxes_tank

Drummers - http://bit.ly/drummers_tank

Jazz Fest - http://bit.ly/jazzfest_tank

Goodnight Show http://bit.ly/goodnight_tank


Best and LOVE,

Patrick L. Riley

“A Day in the LIFE OF RILEY: pop culture & possibilities”


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