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NATALIE COLE Miss You Like Crazy RIP

Hi folks, 

I hit the ground running in 2016 with special projects for recurring clients. Stay tuned for when you can see some of that work.

But truth be told, I was picking myself up off the ground with the news that Miss Natalie Cole had passed away.

Plus, we'd wrapped All Star Karaoke last week! TOO MUCH!

Well, we still had to do something after hearing that the legendary songstress and the "unforgettable" daughter of the late Nate King Cole, died at age 65. 

So here goes: Two days prior to her passing, Billie's Black presents All Star Karaoke wrapped our Season 4 with her classic "Our Love" - a tune I've been singing since childhood and every week - along with #THEBOSSCHOIR
 - at our spirited, open mic night! It always INSPIRES...as will the LIFE & LEGACY of Natalie Cole:


 And on any given Tuesday, I might do "I Live for Your Love" (which opened December 29th's Season 4 Finale); "This Will Be"; "I Got Love on My Mind"; "Jump Start"; and "Unforgettable" sometimes. 

THANKS to ALL of OUR ALL STAR KARAOKE FAITHFULS - including Monifah, Carla Bone, Laurieanne Gibson, Toni Seawright, Gwendolyn Quinn, Danielle Knight, Penwah et al --- ALL of whom and MORE are instrumental in keeping NATALIE COLE's LEGACY of MUSICAL EXCELLENCE ALIVE! 



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