PATRICKRILEYHEADSHOT2.JPGWELCOME to "The Life of Riley" which will include periodic chronicles of pop culture and possibilities that flow out of Patrick L. Riley's day. That's me!!! Through blogging (and soon some other technological features on which I'll keep you posted as they launch), I will pull experiences from my busy life to entertain and inspire all of you. Through this site, I will share my observations and insights. 

Some features to look forward to:

1.) "PATRICK'S POP UP(DATES)" will feature stories from pop culture, music, theater, fashion, and the entertainment industry at large. 

2.) "The Life of Riley" will also introduce a "take-a-look-at-your-life" section (READ: sort of an advice column), where I will help readers come up with their own questions and answers around what "ways of being" are working (or not working) to have them acheive their respective goals and live their best lives. This section is called "WHO YOU BE?".

3.) Additonally, there will be a free-flowing, organic section called "TESTIFY" from which I will pull from my own life's journey to share and hopefully inspire. Some of the fare may be new musings and experiences. Other times, I may pull from my journals and past sharings to shed light on some uncomfortable truths that I've experienced and that may perhaps play a role in healing someone else's wounds as the real-life experience did for me. From my experience of covering 9/11 as a freelance journalist to courageously coming out (as gay) to my family, "TESTIFY" promises to move those who choose to read it.

4.) And a section titled "PR" (like my initials, but also like "public relations") will include press clips from any coverage I get. 

5.) And anytime pictures or video can support an entry (in the blog, and perhaps in the subsequent podcasts, my space, and website), those visuals will keep things aesthetically enrolling. That section will be called "MY TUBE".
Patrick L. Riley


model behavior

Hi folks! 

As Dorpie Books prepares mine (and its) debut tome "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" for the marketplace, more press will be trickling in.

THIS JUST IN: a link of my half-hour interview on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Model Behavior with Sharon Quinn. We talk my life, career, and about the book:






A few things to know on the book: 
1. pre-orders ship Friday, May 25, 2018.
2. feel free to pre-order your copy here: OR CLICK LINK IN BIO ABOVE!☝️

3. we will have a NYC book celebration on Wednesday, June 13 2018 at Cove Lounge in Harlem (as well as other events on which we'll keep you posted)
4. additionally, we are plotting out book promo on the road - including (for now) NYC; DC; Atlanta; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Denver; Savannah; Charlotte; Toronto, Detroit; and more. Please stay tuned....

Patrick Riley book launch Wed June 13th and more


Hi folks!

A couple of updates:

1. My Keynote Talk for Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce is POSTPONED to Tues, July 24th. THIS, while still attracting bookings:
(Stay tuned or send for me)!

2. NYC BOOK LAUNCH is now scheduled for Wednesday, June 13th. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIVE with CHARLIE LEWIS & EXPERIENCE HARLEM with ANGIE HANCOCK host at COVE LOUNGE in HARLEM (325 Malcolm X Blvd btw 126th & 127th) from 7p to 9p. Miss Jessie's NEW PRODUCTS will be available for all guests while supplies last:
3. To our NEW YORKERS: I will read a preview excerpt on: Mon. May 7 from 6-8:30p at Melba's Restaurant (300 West 114th Street, NYC 10027). "THE LITERARY CORNER" is presented by Yvette Hayward & The African American Literary Awards Show's The Author's Corner (hosted by "Real Talk"s Bill Foster):

  or RSVP (for dinner - available for purchase) here:

4. On MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: I will be presenting from another of the book's excerpts as BRAND AMBASSADOR for Gregory Douglas PRESENTS LGBT ARTS & CULTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on May 25-29, 2018. I will be hosting the VANGUARD AWARD GALA (honoring Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tweet, Shaun T, Tamar Braxton, Frenchie Davis, Shangela, Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman, and so many more). Plus, I will host an #AllStarKaraoke-style moment (including beloved sponsor Miss Jessies who is sending samples for guests to try --- including five new products that have been added to the shelves this year. There are 35 more remaining all inclusive festival packages 1349.00 single and 1970 double. Book online

 or call us 404-756-8433.

5. On SUNDAY JUNE 3RD, PRE-ORDER BUYERS in NEW YORK CITY can bring your books to the outdoor festival DRUMS ALONG THE HUDSON for me to sign at Inwood Hill Park, NYC (218th Street & Indian Road) for DRUMS ALONG THE HUDSON. I will also host the afternoon stage - so bring your FAMILY & FRIENDS out from 11a-6p. A WONDERFUL DAY that I've co-              hosted for over a decade now.
6. Dorpie Books is finalizing production on my book "That's What Friends Are For for: On The Women Who Inspired Me" - shipping NOW the week of Memorial Day Weekend: Friday, May 25, 2018. Folks can still pre-order here:

Stay tuned for updates! We will be announcing more developments and changes soon. 
As always, THANKS for your support!



countdown to book launch

Hi folks,

 Author Patrick L. Riley here - on the countdown to the release of my debut book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" which Dorpie Books is publishing. 

  • Our pre-order campaign funded our efforts to complete production on the book. 
  • See attached. We are outlining press and book events --- so those pre-order buyers can come out and get their book signed - including Mon 5/7: Harlem pre-book event (Melba from 6p - 9p);  Sun 6/3: Drums Along The Hudson (hosting/book signing);  Wed 6/13 Harlem book event (Cove Lounge from 7p - 9p); and planned Charlotte, DC, Atlanta, Savannah stops + Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for Memorial Day Weekend.  
  • After pre-orders ship, the book will be available via traditional channels. Stay tuned for advisement on that info.  
  • Meanwhile, for those who may want to host an intimate book set for me or gift to a larger group, there's a BULK BUY discount option (from which you can sell the books back at their market price: $35. Easy fundraiser and way to support our bottom line:  For 25+ (10% Discount) Enter code: 25FRIENDS                                                                                                                For 50+ (20% Discount) Enter code: 50FRIENDS                                                                                                                For 100+ (30% Discount) Enter code: 100FRIENDS
  • Just underscoring this option for your consideration. You can pre-order here (bulk or to grab your copy or few):


Best and LOVE,

a. SUPERMODEL Veronica Webb is Editor of The Root's The Glow Up wrote a wonderful piece on my project:  

b. Mark & Denise in the Mornings out of Philadelphia on WWDB 860 Am PHILLY (8:30 am) - Oscar/Book Talk (12/24) & Black Panther/Book Talk (2/14): / (90 minutes into each TWO HOUR podcast on each of those respective dates).

c. Love the Way You Live with Charlie Lewis:  

d. The Philadelphia Sunday SUN feature on Black Panther includes my pop culture analysis: 

e. LA WAVE BOOK CORNER spotlight feature:

6 Days of Pre Orders in the Life of Riley until Fri Dec 22

  1. 1.       PRE-ORDER SALES CLOSE on Friday, December 22ND – so please order your copy of my debut publication “That’s What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me” (Dorpie Books) TODAY (or as soon as you can before Fri 12/22):                              
  2. If you’d like to consider a BULK BUY – also by Fri 12/22 – you can have books to sell and reimburse your pot come March (if you want to consider a book event/book club appearance or perhaps a book gifting scenario):                                                                        

 For 25+ (10% Discount) Enter code: 25FRIENDS                                                                          

 For 50+ (20% Discount) Enter code: 50FRIENDS                                                                     

For 100+ (30% Discount) Enter code: 100FRIENDS




  1.   THE ROOT’s THE GLOW UP – Edited by VERONICA WEBB:  It’s not every day that a WOMAN WHO INSPIRED YOU writes a story on your new book about WOMEN WHO INSPIRED ME. Enter Supermodel VERONICA WEBB. In 1993, as an associate producer and entertainment interviewer for GOOD DAY ATLANTA, I booked and conducted a talk with VERONICA. She was the first African American model to snag a cosmetics contract. It was with REVLON. I’ve had additional times to interview her for once-regular client THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW and to hang out with her socially amidst NEW YORK CITY’s FASHION WEEK scene. But here in 2017, VERONICA is the editor of a new fashion and beauty vertical at The Root called THE GLOW UP…and reached out to do something on my current project.



  1. SIRIUS XM URBAN VIEW’S CLAY CANE SHOW: Please SET YOUR CLOCKS for: SUNDAY December 17, 2017 at 1p EST for Ayana Byrd’s and my fun, in-depth, one-hour conversation about the evolution of black women in music on 'The Clay Cane Show'.It is a great time! And lots of information and laughs! Make sure you’re subscribed and listen on @sxmurbanview ch 126 to #TheClayCaneShow: IG: @patrick.riley


  1.  COMING SOON ON NBCOUT:                                                     My weigh in on Patti LaBelle and her responding to Andy Cohen’s question about Luther’s sexuality… and the larger conversation that it produced – starting with Marsha Warfield (pointing out her own mother wished to be dead before Marsha came out of the closet as a lesbian) and many feeling Patti having any discussion about Luther’s sexuality was a violation of confidences.
  2.  The story will look at this reality for some African Americans to come out because of family pressure. Some of that testimonial is in my own book – culled from my reality - and will be included in this upcoming piece on NBCOUT:  

Tues Dec 5th Please BUY Patrick L Riley Book

Hi folks!


Dorpie Books launched its website - announcing my book "That's What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me" as its first title:

 1. Here's the website:

2.  Here's the book trailer:

3. Here's my sizzle for speaker consideration:

4. PLEASE pre-order starting: Tuesday, Dec 5th


5. Period to PRE-ORDER BOOK for MARCH 2018 release: Tuesday, Dec 5th --- Friday, Dec 22ND.


6. For more information – including BULK BUY DISCOUNT INFO, please call

7. As always, THANK YOU folks for your support! And SPREAD THE WORD on DORPIE BOOKS which seeks to disrupt publishing's lack of black authors.


8. As I shape up my 2018 around promotion of this passion project, I extend my gratitude to each of you who will support this high-stakes effort in any way you can.


9. You can follow @DorpieBooks on Twitter and Facebook. Retweet and post with #PatrickRileyFriends hashtag and link to:


10. FYI: My birthday is Sunday, November 19th (would appreciate late birthday gift between Tues, Dec 5 – Fri, Dec 22).




Patrick L. Riley

Author, “That’s What Friends Are For: On The Women Who Inspired Me” (Dorpie)




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